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Jun 25, 2001
Detroit, MI
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I am a prisoner of light
I have not choice but to stand and fight
For I am a prisoner of light!
Dear God
I am the child of a generation who gave free love
Planted in the springtime of yesterday
Birthed on blood soaked battlefields
Glistening with fallen tears and forgotten souls
I scream through the fog of smoke
Left from long hot summers of cities burning across the nation
I scream for a name!
I am the nameless child of a generation that clapped thunder
Flashed lightening with eyes of rebellion
I am the wildflower of free love
Give me a name!
But through streams of heroine and crack cocaine in your veins
You do not recognize me
I am the mirror reflection of your soul
You were my mother, you were my father
Before you abandoned your cause
Leaving me in the aftershock of your sonic boom
To become consumed in darkness
Blueprints of destruction genetically encoded
Through the transfusion of your spirit into mine
Without you Mother Queen and Father King
To translate your messages of revolution
My soul revolved in confusion
When I gave birth it was to a twisted delusion
I lost your fire and gained Eve’s bane
The mark set upon me like the descendants of Cain
My third eye blind with carnality
Rebirthed into this Earth reality
To stand upon fallen foundations
Is this the legacy you left for my generation?
May I never forgive you for leaving me
May I never forgive you for this wretched legacy
May I never forgive you!
I am a prisoner of light
I have no choice but to stand a fight
For I am a prisoner of light
Dear God
I am afflicted with visions in the night
I fear this Inner Light
The gospel of your truth burns in my spirit
But ears are too deaf to hear it
How could I be the voice of a generation?
Who is nameless and faceless within its own nation
Upon our birth self worth terminates
Condemnation abominates and concentrates
On murdering our souls
Before fetuses can become whole
Society stamped and X on Black mother’s wombs
As they lamented for our impending doom
Entering the world we are already mourned
Cradles and caskets adorned
For we are marked lost
Preconceived Holocaust
I will not stand for the further demise of my youth
Nor hold back the tidal wave of truth
For the falsehood of hypocrites
Or tight lipped Devil’s advocates
I am not the misbegotten
My name is one that shall not be forgotten
Cause as I stand this very day and recant your vicious plethora of lies
I draw on the strength of my ancestors to rise
I reject your deposits of deceptions
Replacing them with these weapons
Truth, Knowledge, and Freedom
As for your proclamations of false representations
I don’t need them
For I am crafted in the image of the true God
Prepped and shod
For anything your evil mind can contrive
But this will never break my stride to strive
For a complete change of paradigm
Detonating a 360 degree rotation of the mind
Called Revolution
Thus executing Evolution
Producing the ultimate Soul-ution
Detoxification of cerebral hemispheres
Counteracting years and years of
Negative ramifications
Due to social frustration
We denounce the fallacies of this nation
I shall fulfill my soul obligation….
For I am a prisoner of light
I have no choice but to stand and fight
To illuminate the night
With every word I speak and write
To edify the mind of man
To encourage my people to stand
In the face of adversity
To inspire the oppressed to be free
This gift is my life
I am a prisoner of light!


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Feb 18, 2002
am i really done?(lol)
just kidding

now i usually dont read really long poems but i got tricked.
i didnt even realize how long it was until i was done.

great work i would give u a favorite line but everytime i would
pick one the next line would be better.

great poem


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Mar 21, 2001
had to bring dis back for a second look
dis was off da hook my sistah gurl tyteeeeeeeeeee!!!

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