Jails / Prisons : Prisoner Abuse Dehumanizes Us All

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    Prisoner Abuse Dehumanizes Us All

    “Clearly it has been the evil political genius of the West, since the beginnings of European imperialism , to concentrate its efforts on the cultural and therefore ideological destruction of the people it conquered. The instances of European military control in which its victims continued to deny European cultural superiority are not imperialist successes. Here Europeans have not been able to truly impose and “expand” themselves. It is for this reason Vietnam is the most bitter failure of European imperialism to date. And yet a people who have been ideologically conquered rarely require the threat of arms to be kept under control.” Marimba Ani Yurugu An African Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior p.428

    Anyone who experienced the US Civil Rights Movement who saw representatives of the status quo sic dogs and aim high pressure fire hoses on children, who saw the effects of COINTELPRO on the African-American community’s struggle for dignity and liberation, who has experienced the intellectual and psychological warfare being waged against our people or who has gleaned a glimmer of the atrocities AmeriKKKa has inflicted upon First World people is neither shocked nor surprised by the photos of US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. As gruesome as these photos are they don’t tell half the story. The real shock is CBS aired the pictures and did a story on the abuses. Human rights activists have been decrying the treatment not only of Iraqi prisoners but also the Afghani prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay since George W. Bush unleashed the dogs of war upon the hapless citizens of those two countries. Anyone familiar with the sordid history of the CIA or the School of The AmeriKKKas now called the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Co-Operation knows they are terrorist trainers. The Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Co-Operation is run out of camp Ft Benning Georgia. It has trained some of the most ruthless secret police, dictators, reactionary defenders of global white supremacy and human rights violators on the planet. Many of its graduates have gone on to brutalize, maim and murder hundreds of thousands of people in Central and South America. If the masses of AmeriKKKans were somehow miraculously raised out of their media induced stupor and allowed to see what goes on around the world in the name of American foreign policy, counter- insurgency, covert ops, “intervention”, freedom and democracy they would vomit due to the inhumanity of it all. As gross and disgusting as the photos of US soldiers denigrating, abusing and torturing Iraqis are, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Europeans have a several millennia tradition of rape, pillage, plunder and desecration; so what we are seeing in Iraq and Afghanistan is merely a continuation of that legacy.
    We know about the lynchings, beatings and mutilations our ancestors suffered at the hands of these psychopaths. We are familiar with the atrocities Europeans unleashed upon the indigenous inhabitants everywhere they set foot on planet earth especially over the last five hundred years, so why do we feign shock at pictures broadcast across the Internet and network television, when all of us know some brother who served in Indo China who returned home traumatized by what he was forced to do or what he saw over there. The sad reality is AmeriKKKa is being programmed to accept government sponsored/sanctioned violence. The predominate theme in AmeriKKKan pop culture is violence, so much so if we watch television or motion pictures and there is no gratuitous violence and/or gory special effects it will not sell or be popular!! We are being desensitized and programmed to be anti life so we will gradually accept the Nazification of AmeriKKKa, go along with the ruling elites’ fascist agenda and not resist or rebel. These horrific images of abused Iraqis are cause for alarm. They are a clarion call for African people to become the moral compass for AmeriKKKa, to point the way to higher consciousness and morality. The way to oppose dehumanization is not to attack it or vilify it. The way to oppose dehumanization is to become fully human. The answers are not outside of ourselves! The way to fully transcend despiritization is to become truly spiritual, experiencing the oneness and spiritual unity of the universe. The way to stop the brutalization of our fellow human beings is not by protesting, the way to stop brutalization of human beings is to be fully human ourselves. When we become fully human, we will realize we are spiritual beings having a human experience; and we will not acquiesce to state sanctioned violence in any form.
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    I enjoyed your write up very much and was glad to see that you read quality works. :bowdown: Since we as hue-mans have been at war with those designating themselves as white or Europeans for over 2500 years, it has become clear or should be clear, that we do not speak a language that they historically have proven they understand. Obviously "peace time" is un-natural to their existence, and sincere inner remorse is a quality they only appear to express to and among their own kind...and barely at that.

    This subconscious desire or thought to "imprison" may come from the historical reality of them being locked down in Europe for so long before recognizing there were other lands and people who did not look, live, think or act as they do. Then to top things off, once other people recognized them for who and how they were, the hue-man's attempted to lock them away from entering "real civilization"...something they could never achieve from a spiritual point of view.

    So we as hue-man's are being de-huemanized on a daily basis. First with artificial education. Then with artificial religion, artificial medicine, artificial foods, artificial value systems and aspirations of life. Once this is done to the hue-man's of the earth, in the Eurocentric mind they feel justified to take it to the next level of physical imprisonment because we haven't broken free of the invisible and ever dangerous prison of media and mind control.
    Once again, I thank you for your contribution and look forward to reading more!