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    I know this may sound like rhetoric etc. and many of you may already know this. I work in the prison system.The prison system that I work in has only two classification of race. You are either black or white. If you are hispanic, asian, anything other than black you are classified as white. I think the is just a ploy so black people want really see how the statitics on how many black people are being locked up in comparison to whites. I f you have any information on this topic I would like to find out so I won't be ignorant to what is going on. maybe I will be able to pass some knowledge on to my black brothers that are locked up,and will be getting out so that they won't repeat the cycle. Any and all information welcomed on this topic.
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    The Diaspora
    What concerns me is not just the numbers of Blacks in prison. It is the unfair court decisions, which sends Blacks to prison is greater (and disporportionate) numbers to begin with. I read in the 2000 Time Almanac that Whites are arrested in greater numbers than Blacks, yet Blacks make up over 60% of the prison population. Why is that? Blacks are regularly sentenced to lengthly prison terms for crimes that Whites get probation for. In fact I know a black man who got 4 years in prison for being a passenger in a stolen car when he was 17. He had never gotten in trouble before, and he did not steal the car. In addition, he was a minor, yet the young brother went to jail. In the same town a young white boy who I know (his mother works with my mother), got probation for commiting armed robbery. :uzi: Now I ask you where is the justice in that? Where is the equality in that? I am not trying to defend all blacks in jail (some of them are dangerous criminals, who belong there). But it is obvious that the reasons behind the large Black populations in America's prisons is racism in the justice system. These numbers will not decrease until this issue is addressed.
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    The reports I have read do classify according to race and ethnicity. I think that there is a push about the racist unfairness of the prison population. Just like the last poster stated: This is a business... We are the product .

    Along with challenging the system itself; and how most of the Blacks locked up are in fact locked up for drug usage; yes usage, not selling or anything! Diana Ross got 2 days for DUI; Has Robert Downey Jr. ever gotten any jail time and he is an Uber Addict!

    We have to stem the tide of Our own going to jail; along with those already inside.
    I am conflicted in how We as a community should deal with those inside; How do We keep them sane, so that if they are going to get out; that they come out mentally healthy.

    We have to learn to not only become more economically viable as a community; We have to translate that somehow into welcoming them back into the fold.

    But, a soft but, what do We do, with those in Our fold who are truly criminal and have reeked havoc upon Us?
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    This might not make sense, but . . .

    What do you think the root cause of this problem is? If you think racism is the reason why Blacks are disproportionately imprisoned compared to people of other races, then don't you think we should fight it the same way we fight against all other forms of racist treatment? Exactly what are WE doing every day to combat these issues?

    True, some Blacks belong in prison for the crimes they committed. Some of us choose to break laws which makes us no different than anyone else. But it's also true that some Blacks that are in prison are there simply because they are Black and were used as a scapegoat by a racist system for that reason alone. Once you're sent to prison, American society wants to treat it as though it's the cure, but in reality it's only symptomatic of a bigger social problem.

    So, how do you stop it? Ask yourselves how successful have we been in stopping racism in this country, period?

    We all know that the judicial system in America treats Black people unjustly and differently and we know why. Some Black prisoners put themselves in harms way by being guilty of committing crimes and some are classified as criminals simply because they fit a negative and racist stereotype. How can we truly stop that? What can we physically do?

    For those Blacks that manage to make it out of the prison system and re-enter mainstream society, is that society willing to accept them back or are they forever stigmatized? Is the Black community prepared to support them when they return 'home'? Do we embrace them when they return or do we stigmatize them as well? How can you be rehabilitated just for being Black?

    So how do we address the problem of Blacks in prison, sufficiently enough to make a difference? Graduate more Black lawyers? Elect more politicians and judges that are sensitive to the issues of a prejudicial prison system and its disparate treatment of Blacks? What are some other ways we can keep many of our Black people out of the prison system or from developing criminal records? Outside of the obvious, should we also tell our men about the risks of them being charged with rape if they are in certain situations, particularly around white women? How to look white while they're driving, especially if it's in an expensive car?

    What to do?