Black Poetry : Prior Obligations


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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Sad to know that she seized
the opportunity
to love & keep you
prior to you meeting me

I feel a need to be enlightened-
no suprise cause I am somewhat
oblivious and amnesic
about your current domestication
what's the deal, explain better
your situation

I'm in a quandary
I'm perplexed;
and bewildered

what is the debt that you owe - to her
wherein lies your responsibility - to her
exactly how much does your relationships'
necessity incorporate your personal liability
or is it simply
a lack-thereof

I must say I find it disappointing to know
that she holds you as collateral
yet you look to me - curiously
for unconditional reciprocity - know...'you're seeing her,
but you're dating me'
an awkward and unpleasant reality

What is you Prior Obligatory stance?
Is your only obligation to her
to be obligated and oblige -

If that don't work out, brotha, just know I am
here to present you with a COMPROMISE

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