Black Poetry : Princess Imperial

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    Princess Imperial

    Through out the ages of history and time
    There has been documentation placed into rhyme
    This daughter of my thesis originated from the recess
    Of the cosmos sent here through some sort of telekinesis
    Of course I imagine that some won’t believe this
    But I think that what I have to say may give this further credence

    Her eyes are like the sun but they are shaded brown
    She wears the 7 most brilliant stars as her everlasting crown
    The first star is true beauty that cannot be described
    Even though out space and time many have tried
    The second star is love cause she can cause that emotion
    Many a man strive to give her their devotion
    The third star is kindness because she is a kind diva
    Not the kind that is after a man’s cheeba
    When her voice is heard you hang on every word
    Trying to hear anything else literally becomes absurd
    Next up is the star for wonder cause she is an awesome sight to see
    She grows more gorgeous as the universe expands exponentially
    The fifth star is innocence, which you can see into her eyes
    She is a straight up person wouldn’t tell you no lies
    The 6th star represents grace and class in an over abundance
    I could try to illustrate this but it would be overly redundant
    As any of the learned men will know
    The next up is the most magnificent show
    Seven being GOD’s number for completion, order and perfection
    And you embrace all of this when you look in her direction
    With that as a the background the last star is femininity
    She has it so much that some think that she was born from divinity
    Ain’t nothing like her from through out space and time on into infinity

    The way she walks, talks, and even styles her hair
    She is all woman and she just grabs your stare
    Your eyes she takes hostage while making you a hopeless victim
    And by the time you get your eyes back you realize she whipped them
    Her throne is in a place that can never be dethroned, a throne
    Inside of a man’s heart that is where she calls home
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    dis was a 7 heaven flow .....tyght scribe poet !
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    tree, tree, tractor, tree, cow
    awww...lovin this...flow, words & all!