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    :sand: Imhotep - was the "first" known "Prince of Peace" during the 4th Dynasty--long before the fable of Jesus, the Christ came along thousands of years later. Kanofer, was his dad--also known as a great architect in the King's court. His mom's name was Khreduonkh. She is noted by the "vulture cap" which represents her as the mother of Imhotep. The name of his wife was was Ronpenofret. All of this information is inscribed at the Wadi Hammamat in Egypt long before the bible was ever crafted.

    He was an ingenious black man and his accomplishments included:

    Architect -- he designed the step pyramids (e.g. @ Saqqara) some of the oldest
    stone work in the world.

    Sage -- his skill as a healer was "far" advanced.

    Scribe -- his manner of expression in words was poetic and graceful as he is
    noted for writing books on architecture, medicine, and proverbs---long
    before the bible was a zygote.

    Skilled Physician -- also known as the "Father of Medicine" -- his ingenious
    techniques in medicine are still used today.

    The movies out of "weird" Hollywood (e.g. The Mummy, The Mummy Returns) tell a story incredibly different from who and what this man really represented.

    After his death from about 2850B-525BC years he was deified and worshiped for his accomplishments.

    Q. Do I place him over GOD.
    A. No

    There is a difference. I recognize the GODlike qualities he represented, however. I know he existed because there is solid evidence to prove my assertions.:skate:


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