Black Poetry : Pretty *****


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Jan 30, 2001
Linen pants, silk shirt
Fitting just right
Stacey Adams'
Spit-shinned bright
Going to the club tonight
He be one of them pretty ******
Thinking he's a joy to any woman's sight

He stands in a strategic spot
Smooth and cool as he can be
He don't dance
He don't talk
That's not his style
If you look real close
You'll see a pretty *****
Never smiles

One of these nights
You ladies will understand
A pretty *****
Ain't for you to have
He's just the subject of your whispers
A living breathing
Fantasy man

He won't be talking to you
Won't buy you a drink
He won't need your number
To call you on the phone
Ever wonder why pretty ******
Aways leave the club alone



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