Chief Elder Osiris : Pretending To Be Unified For The Sake Of Unity

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved prancing and show boating before the world as we pretend, by voicing
    a desire for Unity among the Black Afrikan in america, the rest of the
    Diaspora and Afrika her self, with no action to make it so, is liken to
    attempting to whistle without having the wind to make the sound.

    Let me make myself very clear and I mean no disrespect to no one, I do not
    subscribe to the foolish statement of we should appear to be unified for the
    sake of public appearance.

    Beloved do you not know that the world know the true state of relationship
    of the Black Afrikan to each other and how we love to make our mouth say the
    things that should be happening among the Black Afrikan but the action
    required to make it so is far from the mind of the Black Afrikan?

    Who among us will say without appearing dishonest, that Black Folks are
    unified or even have the desire to be.

    We have become a people full of empty talk therefore applying no action to
    back such talk up, in order to make it so.

    So beloved I have come to set the record straight and I do not seek the
    approval of those who speak so eloquent and have not the desire to see
    Afrikans unified, as we continue not to produce the action to make it so.

    Beloved, to pretend the desire to be unified and produce not the behavior to
    make it so, is an act of mockery toward the grace of Unity.

    Beloved I speak not for the desire to be seen or praised but only to be
    heard and how you take what I say is entirely up to you and how ever the
    words that proceed from my mind heart is taken, is no injury to me, for I
    give you the truth as it is revealed to me and as I know it to be, as it
    relate to the Liberation of the Black Afrikan nation and what we must do to
    make it so.

    The fight for Afrikans Liberation is much greater than any one individual,it
    is the size only of the entire Afrikan People and unless unity prevail among
    the Black Afrikan People, we will continue our little petty differences, as
    we continue to pretend to desire Unity among us, while the action needed to
    make it so is not present in the Soul, Mind and spirit of the Afrikans in
    america, the rest of the Diaspora, in Afrika and where else we are in this
    wretched and dishonest world.

    I maintain that the issue of Reparation is a sacred and a Divine issue and
    if approached with all humility, with Spiritual Unity, does and have the
    power to Liberate the whole of the Black Afrikan nation and if Reparation is
    not respected in the context of Afrikans Liberation, all else become a
    mockery to its meaning and purpose, thus causing the Enslaved Ancestors to
    be disrespected and insulted by our personal greed and inept desires we have
    for Reparation, as we attempt to transform it to be an issue of civil rights
    instead of Hue-Man Rights.

    Beloved, anybody in their original mind know that there has not been
    adequate preparation by the Children of the Middle - Passage in order to
    secure our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    We come with all of the fancy talk and half- behind miss education we
    receive from this devilish white man and claim to know what is the best
    avenue to take in order to secure Reparation, without having done the
    adequate planning and strategizing, as we ignore the requirement of having a
    Spiritual Unified Mind in our approach to Demand what is Justly owed to our
    Enslaved Ancestors.

    Reparation is not up to be compromised to anybody, not even the Devil

    Reparation represent Afrikans Liberation, not in america but from america,
    not in the Diaspora but from the Diaspora and any other so call planning
    that is going on around Reparation that do not have such about Reparation as
    a goal, does in fact become an effort to Assassinate the true meaning and
    purpose of Reparation and you can take it or leave it alone, and so shall it
    be and so it is.

    There is no, your or my plan, in regard to Reparation, there is only the
    plan and such a plan was so established even before the coming of this devil
    into our Black house to Enslave our Afrikan Ancestors.

    Now, let those of us who are truly in the know, understand what has Just
    been said in defense of this sacred and Devine issue we refer to as

    It Is time To Condemn The Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( With The Truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    We did not come here as Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans, Bahamans, americans
    etc; we came as Black Afrikans!!! ( GARVEY )

    It Is The Black Fool That Say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrikan!!! ( Osiris )

    A House Divided Against Itself Will Not stand!!! ( Afrikan Proverb )

    UP! UP! You Mighty Race, You Can Accomplish What You Will!!! ( GARVEY )

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation



    Chief Elder
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement