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    1. There is a BBC documentary that has uncovered the fact that the company hired to count the ballots was hired by Bush's brother. How is THAT a "fair" election? He paid them MILLIONS!!

    Here is the BBC expose' video:

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's son worked for Bush's election team. And Ted Olsen(now Bush's Solicitor General)was Bush's key attorney arguing his lawsuit, that he brought against Gore , before the Supreme Court.

    2. A petition to the World Court about our country being stolen from us and our right to vote neutralized. sign it.
    To: Thomas Buergenthal
    The Honorable Thomas Buergenthal
    International Court of Justice
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Petition Online - Petition Online has been retired

    3.Author links Bush family to Nazis
    Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000

    The president of the Florida Holocaust Museum said Saturday that George W. Bush's grandfather derived a portion of his personal fortune through his affiliation with a Nazi-controlled bank.
    John Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department's Nazi War Crimes Unit, said his research found that Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s.
    Leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at that time, Loftus said, and were moving money into it through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany. The bank was liquidated in 1951, Loftus said, and Bush's grandfather and great-grandfather received $1.5 million from the bank as part of that dissolution.
    "That's where the Bush family fortune came from: It came from the Third Reich," Loftus said.

    Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Local & World News, Sports & Entertainment in Sarasota, FL

    from Sarasota, - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    Bush-CIA-Nazi connection
    makes the mainstream media
    by Robert Lederman
    << phone number removed by Destee >>
    [email protected]
    May 3, 2001

    Check Yahoo News for hundreds of new articles in mainstream papers about the CIA-Nazi connection under the general subject CIA Declassifies Documents on Hitler, Other Nazis
    It's all starting to come out. Prescott Bush worked for the Nazis. Allen Dulles and the CIA recruited Nazis. former CIA director Bill Casey brought Nazis to the U.S. The Manhattan Institute, Giuliani and GW Bush are connected to all of this in myriad ways. Those of you who were skeptical about my articles over the past 7 years might want to visit the website and give them a read through.

    BOSTON GLOBE 4/23/2001
    By Michael Kranish, Globe Staff
    Date: 04/23/2001 Page: A1 Section: National/Foreign
    AN AMERICAN DYNASTY Last of two parts "Prescott Bush was surely aghast at a sensational article the New York Herald Tribune splashed on its front page in July 1942. "Hitler's Angel Has 3 Million in US Bank," read the headline above a story reporting that Adolf Hitler's financier had stowed the fortune in Union Banking Corp., possibly to be held for "Nazi bigwigs."
    Bush knew all about the New York bank: He was one of its seven directors.

    The Hitler Project
    Bush Property Seized--Trading with the Enemy

    U.S. forces landed under fire near Algiers on Nov. 8, 1942; heavy combat raged throughout November. Nazi interests in the Silesian-American Corporation, long managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942

    These and other actions taken by the U.S. government in wartime were, tragically, too little and too late.
    President Bush's family had already played a central role in financing and arming Adolf Hitler for his takeover of Germany; in financing and managing the buildup of Nazi war industries for the conquest of Europe and war against the U.S.A.; and in the development of Nazi genocide theories and racial propaganda, with their well-known results.
    The facts presented here must be known, and their implications reflected upon, for a proper understanding of President George Herbert Walker Bush and of the danger to mankind that he represents. The President's family fortune was largely a result of the Hitler project. The powerful Anglo-American family associations, which later boosted him into the Central Intelligence Agency and up to the White House, were his father's partners in the Hitler project.

    50.8% of Nazi Germany's pig iron
    41.4% of Nazi Germany's universal plate
    36.0% of Nazi Germany's heavy plate
    38.5% of Nazi Germany's galvanized sheet
    45.5% of Nazi Germany's pipes and tubes
    22.1% of Nazi Germany's wire
    35.0% of Nazi Germany's explosives.
    (these items were funded by this venture. so, Bush helped kill millions)
    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography


    News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

    4. The Bush Family Eugenics History (Race Cleansing)
    George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography - Part 1 of 8

    5. CIA Trained & Armed Bin Laden

    MSNBC — Breaking News, Top Stories, & Show Clips

    Breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe & more.

    6. Bush Gave Taliban $43M Earlier This Year:

    Outrage Grows at Boko Haram Seizure of Schoolgirls

    As delegates arrive in Nigeria for the May 7-9 World Economic Forum on Africa they are likely to run into protesters in the capital city of Abuja. Nigeria's president has accepted a U.S. offer to help secure the students' release.

    Flood of cheap Afghan heroin

    AFGHAN farmers are ready to swamp world markets with heroin amid signs that the Taleban has dropped its ban on opium growing.

    The ban was imposed by Mullah Muhammad Omar last year, leaving many farmers ruined. But the sudden halving of the price of raw opium to $250 a kg suggests the decree has been reversed.

    Even if it remains in place, desperate farmers are expected to resume planting next month while Taleban security forces are
    engaged elsewhere.,,2001330016-2001332309,00.html

    7. The GW Bush - Osama Bin Laden Connection -They're Business Partners! Both Families have been doing business for years!!

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    George's Hives Information - Get My Knowledge

    Get My Knowledge

    Excerpts From "Bush Family Preys"
    "JEB GETS IN ON THE BCCI ACTION In 1988, Jeb was mentioned in a deposition taken by a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee, chaired by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), which was investigating drug money laundering operations in the U.S. I saw Jeb Bush two or three times over there with [Abdur] Sakhia," stated Aziz Rehman, a junior BCCI-Miami official in the 1980s. "This was all part of the bank's trying to cultivate public officials and prominent individuals." *38 Rehman said BCCI's practice was to "bribe" government officials in the United States. "Jeb Bush, V.P. George Bush's son,"Sakhia noted in a 1986 BCCI document, was a "name to be remembered."

    Follow the Money Behind Bush II - Revealing Article from Observer (London) -- Neighbors and Nature Forum - Southeast Neighbors and Nature Project Forum, hosted at

    from pages 54-56 of "Fortunate Son" by J.H. Hatfield
    In one of the most bizarre footnotes in history, Time magazine described Bush in 1991 as a "deal broker whose alleged associations run from the CIA to a major shareholder and director of the bank of Credit & Commerce." BCCI, as it was more commonly known, was closed down in July 1992 amid charges of multi-billion dollar fraud and worldwide news reports that the institution had been involved in covert intelligence work, drug money laundering, arms brokering, bribery of government officials and aid to terrorists. An accounting commissioned by the Bank of England finally exposed the extent of BCCI's deficits and criminal offenses, forcing the bank's eventual collapse.

    8. Advance Warning Of The Attack Days!
    Days Before, Priest Predicted Plane Attacks on U.S.
    Says Organization of Terrorist Groups Has Changed
    ROME, SEPT. 16, 2001 ( A priest who has worked in charities in Muslim countries had openly warned about a possible terrorist attack on population centers in the United States and England -- four days before the horrific raids on New York and Washington.
    On Sept. 7, when he officiated at a wedding in Todi, Italy, French-born Father Jean-Marie
    Benjamin, 55, explained informally to a judge and several politicians that he had been told that a terrorist commando was preparing an attack, with hijacked passenger planes, on U.S. and British population centers. {EXCERPT}

    Newspaper: Echelon Gave Authorities Warning Of Attacks
    FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 2001 SEP 13 (NB) -- By Ned Stafford, Newsbytes. U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies received warning signals at least three months ago that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture, according to a story in Germany's daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

    FBI tracked man in custody 2 weeks before attacks
    September 18, 2001 Posted: 4:41 PM EDT (2041 GMT)
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Two weeks before the terorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., FBI agents were at a flight school in Oklahoma asking questions about a man now suspected of having a link to those attacks, sources said.

    The fact that FBI agents were at the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, two weeks before any attacks would seem to contradict the agency's assertion that it was not aware of any connection between aviation schools and suspected terrorists.

    The possibility that pilots were being trained for terrorist plots was revealed earlier this year during testimony at the trial of four men charged with the 1998 bombings of American embassies in Africa. U.S. prosecutors believe Osama bin Laden -- described as the "prime suspect" in the hijackings -- was behind that plot as well. He, in fact, was indicted for the 1998 bombings.
    U.S. investigators also believe that two of the dead World Trade Center hijackers had toured the Oklahoma facility, seeking flight training. Those two hijackers later enrolled in a Florida aviation school.
    Meanwhile, the FBI was warned six years ago of a terrorist plot to hijack commercial planes and slam them into the Pentagon, the CIA headquarters and other buildings, Philippine investigators said.
    Philippine authorities learned of the plot after a small fire in a Manila apartment, which turned out to be the hideout of Ramzi Yousef, who was later convicted for his role in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Yousef escaped at the time, but agents caught his right-hand man, Abdul Hakim Murad, who told them about plots to hijack U.S. jets.
    Reuters and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

    The FBI allowed the bombing to happen.

    T H E N E W Y O R K T I M E S
    Thursday October 28, 1993 Page A1

    "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart
    Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast"

    By Ralph Blumenthal

    Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building
    a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center,
    and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting
    harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after
    the blast.

    The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb
    and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by
    an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer,
    Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said.

    (Bin Laden's family, brothers, sisters, cousins were not detained and flew home from Boston about 5 days after the bombing, to their homes in Saudi Arabia. They retain all their many condos and property here.)

    Section 3.
    The Florida National Guard may order selected members on to state active
    duty for service to the State of Florida pursuant to Section 250.06(4), Florida
    Statutes, to assist FDLE in performing port security training and
    inspections. Based on the potential massive damage to life and property
    that may result from an act of terrorism at a Florida port, the necessity to
    protect life and property from such acts of terrorism, and inhibiting the
    smuggling of illegal drugs into the State of Florida, the use of the Florida
    National Guard to support FDLE in accomplishing port security training and
    inspections is "extraordinary support to law enforcement" as used in Section
    250.06(4), Florida Statutes.
    Section 6.
    This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its
    revocation or June 30, 2003.
    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and have caused the Great Seal of the State of Florida to be affixed at Tallahassee, the Capitol, this 7th day of September 2001.

    World: Israel knew bin Laden attack was coming, source says
    By JASON KEYSER, Associated Press
    TEL AVIV, Israel (September 21, 2001 7:39 p.m. EDT) - Israeli intelligence services knew months ago that Osama bin Laden was planning a large-scale terror attack, a senior intelligence official said Friday. But no one knew what his targets would be. The Israeli official, who briefed journalists on condition of anonymity, said "everybody knew about a heightened alert, and knew that bin Laden was preparing a big attack."

    The Los Angeles Times first reported that Israel's Mossad warned Washington in August that as many as 200 terrorists linked to bin Laden were slipping into the country to prepare a major assault in the United States.

    Project Bojinka -
    More Indications Of
    Prior US Knowledge Of
    Hijacker Attack Plans EXCLUSIVE
    ©. 2001 All Rights Reserved

    Subject: Project Bojinka To my Classmates: Sometime in January 1995, when Philippine Police authorities captured Ramsey Youssef in Manila, I was asked, because of my affiliation with the NBI, to help decode and decipher the hard drives of the computers found in Youssef's possession. This is where we found most of the evidence of the projects that were being funded by Osama Bin Laden in the Philippines. The first plan was to assassinate Pope John Paul II who was then scheduled to visit the Philippines. The second was Project Bojinka, which called for the hijacking of US bound commercial airliners from the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Honking(sic -ed) and Singapore, and then crash them into key structures in the United States. The World Trade Center, the White House, the Pentagon, the Transamerica Tower, and the Sears Tower were among prominent structures that had been identified in the plans that we had decoded.

    I would have thought that intelligence operatives would have analyzed all the evidence and worked out various scenarios that could have included the modified Bojinka plan. If they had done so, the US would have been prepared for this attack.
    Airline News Wire:

    State Department memo warned of terrorist threat
    Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, Chronicle Staff Writers [email protected]
    Friday, September 14, 2001
    ©2001 San Francisco Chronicle
    Former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz said yesterday that he was "startled" by a little-noticed State Department memo that was issued a week ago and warned that Americans "may be the target of a terrorist threat."
    The memo, issued just four days before the attacks on New York and Washington, identified the threat as coming from "extremist groups with links to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda organization."
    "I have not idea what intelligence lies behind the warning," Shultz said, ''but they put this out because they had some sort of intelligence."
    Shultz, who served as secretary of state under President Reagan, said he received a copy of the Sept. 7 "worldwide warning" in his San Francisco office on the day before the fatal attacks. The memo addressed concerns for Americans overseas and made no mention of any possible attack on U.S. soil.

    Officials Told of 'Major Assault' Plans

    Inquiry: U.S. authorities were advised in August that as many as 200 terrorists were coming to U.S. as part of plot.
    An article Thursday reported that in August, Israeli intelligence warned U.S. officials that terrorists were preparing a large-scale attack in this country. The article cited as its source a high-ranking law enforcement official. The Times has since learned that the official's account was based on a British newspaper report, not on independent information.

    Internet Domain Names May Have Warned of Attacks
    By Jeff Johnson Congressional Bureau Chief
    September 19, 2001

    ( - The terrorists who planned and executed the September 11 attack on America may have registered as many as 20 Internet domain names, or web addresses, that experts believe should have warned authorities of a possible assault on the World Trade Center in New York City.

    Internet domain names like '' and '' were registered more than a year ago. It's not known at this time who registered the suspicious names or what their purpose was.

    "It's unbelievable that they (the registration company) would register these domain names, probably without any comment to the FBI," according to Neil Livingstone, head of Global Options LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based counter-terrorism and investigation company.


    This is from the Jerusalem post: .Mossad warned of attacks <>
    Mossad warned CIA of attacks - report
    By Douglas Davis
    LONDON (September 17) - Mossad officials traveled to Washington last month to warn the CIA and the FBI that a cell of up to 200 terrorists was planning a major operation, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph here yesterday.

    This is interesting, too:
    by David Johnson
    Early Warnings -- Reports keep coming in to us of advanced warnings that an attack of some sort was eminent. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was booked to fly from the Bay Area to New York City on the morning of September 11. But Brown says that late Monday evening, a full 8 hours prior to the attack, he received a call from a person Brown described as his "airport security man" telling him that he should be extra cautious about air travel on September 11.
    In addition to what we have previously reported about heightened security at the World Trade Center itself in the weeks leading to the attack and at the Picatinny Arsenal in Rockaway New Jersey CounterPunch has also learned that an internal memo was sent around Goldman Sachs in Tokyo on September 10 advising all employees of a possible terrorist attack.
    It recommended all employees to avoid any American government buildings. Wonder why all the CEOs they have been reporting were conveniently "out of the office" in the
    WTC that day?

    9. Suspect had outstanding warrant


    11. Insider Trading and George W. Bush
    After all, his dad was President and all five SEC Commissioners are appointed by the President.
    For the complete story, read the US News and World Report story from March 16, 1992.
    Top Finds

    12. Bush (AWOL) military docs:
    Notice on the far left that this one says "Not observed" checked;
    And this one says that he has not been observed at the unit;

    13. Intelligence Failure

    "The Deafening Silence Amid the Delicacy"
    By Mary McGrory
    Thursday, September 20, 2001; Page A02
    "It is easy to understand why the authorities might not want a discussion of a fiasco in agencies that are given $30 billion to keep track of fiends who want to kill us. But how can anyone contemplate going into a war with the same people giving us the information that will mean life or death to thousands more Americans? Cheney gave a resounding pat on the back to CIA chief George Tenet. Cheney said nothing about the monstrous irony that while the FBI and the CIA are decanting floods of information about suspects, the agents of Osama bin Laden lived with us comfortably, attended our flight schools and used our planes and our citizens as battering rams.
    Ten days after the carnage, they seem to know all about the perpetrators. We needed to know before, but nobody wants to mention it now."
    © 2001 The Washington Post Company

    14. The NORC examination of the Florida vote has been suspended.

    Folks, sorry to announce this but the NORC examination of the Florida vote
    has been put on hold indefinitely. This was relayed in the forums of The
    American Prospect. You can find the original post and a few follow ups here:

    <[email protected]@.f35229d/6134>

    There is also a thread dedicated to the NORC Florida recount with more
    information here:
    <[email protected]@.f3a13b5/60>

    While I do understand the need to get behind the office of the President,
    the only reason I can think of for putting this data on hold at this time
    would be that it shows decisively Bush did not win the election. Had it
    confirmed his victory in Florida, they would be shouting it from the roof

    Peace to war and prosperity to poor in only eight short months. The coup is

    15. We need at least 2 more Senators to convict

    Posted by James Kirk ( on August 20, 2001 at 22:57:28:

    There is already enough evidence against the Bush Brothers and the US. Supreme Court to start impeachment procedings, and remember; courtesy of the US Supreme Court Ruling that allowed Paula (trailer trash) Jones to file suit, any of us can file the charges against a sitting Resident, but we should time this action after Helms and Thurmond are sent to Hell where they belong.

    Impeaching these traitors is nice for the history books, but only a conviction will rid America of this Unamerican Conservative Party trash. Can you imagine the Right Wing Media of America trying to pigeon-hole the news on the day that an American Patriot walks into a US District Courthouse and files the criminal charges against Dumbya, Jeb, and the rest of their gang? Within minutes, it will be broadcast around the world, even if Fox and the rest of the Republican Channels refuse to mention it.

    And once the charges are filed, Congress has no choice but to act upon them. I would like to see these charges filed during the month of August 2002. I know that the Bushies will have an extra year for their masquerade, but we must be patient. It does no good to take careful aim and then miss the target. The Bush Family is perhaps the greatest family of traitors to this country ever, and must be jailed once and for all. Be PATIENT AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

    16. The White House Hides History
    by Josh Chafetz, TNR 8:38am Thu Sep 6 '01 (Modified on 10:40am Thu Sep 6 '01)
    August 16, 2001

    For seven months, the administration has prevented the National Archives from releasing 68,000 pages of Ronald Reagan's correspondence with his top presidential aides--correspondence due for release on George W. Bush's Inauguration Day. Why is this case of stonewalling worse than the others? Because, in this case, the Bushies aren't just guilty of poor judgment and suspect ethics. They're probably violating the law.

    September 1, 2001
    White House Again Delays Reagan Files' Release
    WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 - For the third time, the Bush administration has delayed release of 68,000 pages of Ronald Reagan's White House records, including vice-presidential papers of President Bush's father.
    Under the Presidential Records Act, which calls for the release of such papers 12 years after a president leaves office, Mr. Reagan's were to have been released in January. But the White House delayed the release initially till June 21, then till the last day in August.
    Today the White House counsel, Alberto R. Gonzales, undertook a third extension, this time with no deadline, so that the administration could continue reviewing the records and consult representatives of former Presidents Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton.


    A. Watch Kennedy's Driver Shoot Him In The Face!

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    B. TYPE IN:

    NYC Times New Roman Font
    then, change it to a different font:
    NYC Webdings Font
    OR, TYPE:
    Q33NY Times New Roman Font
    then, change it to a different font:
    Q33NY Wingdings Font

    C. Do We Want War REALLY?
    A Bush Invasion Of
    Afghanistan Could Be More
    Costly Than Vietnam
    By Robert Fisk
    The Independent - London

    Ground troops may be necessary to seize Osama bin Laden but they will
    be entering a country containing one tenth of the world's land mines,
    left by Soviet occupation forces across 80 per cent of the land.

    There are, in
    Afghanistan today, more than 10 million mines. They lie in fields, on
    mountainsides, beside roads, around the big cities, along irrigation
    ditches. On average, between 20 and 25 Afghan men, women and children
    are blown up by mines every day even if we take the lower figure,
    this indicates 73,000 civilian casualties from these mines in the
    past 10 years alone.

    D. Rare Photos From Inside The Trade Towers As It Happened

    E. Cambridge And Bin Laden

    Cambridge City Council voted (8-1) to urge Harvard University to contribute 5 million to victim relief. Reports have always been surfacing about the millions given them by bin laden ever since the 1st wtc bombing. They've never given anything and are not now. They reply they really only got 2 million from bin laden.
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    betwixt and between
    Hello and Welcome Lawrence :wave:

    Thank you for joining us and giving so much information. I'm sure others, like myself, will read the information, visit the links and respond to the content you've provided.

    I need to let you know that phone numbers and mailing addresses (street and/or po boxes) aren't allowed to be posted in the forum. Moderators are aware of this but I'm not sure I told the Family yet (it's a relatively new rule). So I will be editing your post, removing the one phone number I noticed above.

    Again, thanks for joining us and participating in the discussions.
    Please make yourself at home.

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    Raleigh, NC by way of Pittsburgh, Pa.
    As I said.....

    Knowledge is Power.........UNBELIEVEABLE! But I'm not suprised.....thanks for the info, Lawrence.

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    It's coming to the light

    Thanks Lawrence, for bringing that vital information to light, I've always known the United States was dirty, but the information that you provided filled in all the blank spaces.

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    Thanks for the info... from what I've read so far, there's a lot going on that more people really need to be aware of... myself included.
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    Your Responsibility

    Please, mass email this info to EVERYONE. Public awareness is key. We're about to go to war for HIS ambitions, against HIS buddies.

    Understand this important fact:

    1. Prescott Bush did business with the nazis while we were at war.

    2. George Bush was in bed with the contras and Noriega and made money doing it. then, he turned on him.

    3. Bush Junior is is bed with the Taliban. Now, he wants us to kill his partner.

    This is how they do business. It's the family way. This must be stopped. They are the most corrupt family in our history and it's ALL documented.

    They play both sides and profit.

    You MUST send this to all your friends. It's up to us who know the truth to save the world. Really.

    If you want to be a REAL patriot, cut and paste this to all your friends...