Black People Politics : Presidential Candidates on Reparations

Jan 22, 2001
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Presidential Candidates on Reparations

Sister Purple and Everyone ... :)

This is a video where someone from the Internet asks Presidential Candidates, during one of their question / answer forums, if they are for or against Black People receiving reparations for slavery.

There is one person, a white man on the stage, that says yes, he is for reparations.

I don't know who he is though, his name ... guess i need to do some research.


kemetkind said:
Dennis Kucinich. He's also vegan and speaks the plain truth almost all the time (publicly anyways).

Thanks Brother Kemetkind ... i got the impression that with his response, he virtually killed his presidential bid. None of the other candidates even came close to answering in the affirmative, directly. They all hemmed and hawed around the question.

Gosh. Dennis Kucinich for President! :)




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