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    Hoteph My Beloved Shaka Barak:

    Beloved you have taken a topic that has Black folks so irrational emotional confused and drained conscious wise and you revealed so wisely, what Black folks should do, if we desire to put the N-Word to rest.

    Let me say that I agree with your advice to us Black people concerning the N-word and that is all it is just a Word that the Human Being has given it a meaning that have the Black World reacting to, as if what ever the Human Being say toward and about Black people it is set in Jesus Name, he whom Black Folks revere without question.

    Brother here is one of the myrids of Black Folks problems when it come to the Human Being, meaning Caucasians our oppressors, It is the attitude and behavior of Black people toward white people, we believing that they can do no wrong when it come to the way they define Black people.

    So what do Black people do, we end up empowering all of the demeaning terms that the Human Being create to attack our Mind and they know that they can, because they have succeeded in replacing our Divine Mind with their Mind, meaning that White folks control the way we act and behave toward them and the things that they say about us, which is meant for us BlackPeople to become disrespectful of our Black self and every Time we react to the N-Word and the meaning that the Human Being has given to it to mean about Black people, we end up allowing the N-Word to be True in its description of us, as we empower White Folks to define whom we Black people are and how we must to behave in life.

    The N-Word is innocent, it can do no more to us than we allow it to do and mean to us Black People.

    When in our Divine Mind, such a Mentality inoculate us against the gravety of the N-Word, as so defined by white people, because in our Divine Mind, white people have no power over our Lives and if we are in an Environment wherein we Black Folks do not control, the Divine Mind of Black people will instill a Spirit of action that will give us the spirit to extricate ourselves away from such an environment, where we serve to be at a disadvantage.

    Beloved, concerning the N-Word, we should take lesson from our Children, and it be the Child that be closer in possession of our Divine Mind than their elders in many Life instances and the N-Word in this instance, our children had the knowledge that gave them the power to understand that if they take control of the N-Word and give it their meaning, then they would have taken away the power that their elders had give to white Folks in regard to the N-Word.

    So what you have today is a Generation of Black Folks that have redefined the N-word but their Elders can not comprehend what they have done nor are they capable of accepting such a change that their Children have given the N-word, because the Black Elders are still prone to give white folks power over their lives because they are well steeped in the Human Being Mind and in the Human Being Mind you give White people the power to define Black people.

    Beloved, as long as we remain in america Environment, white people will set the standards for the Life Black people is to obey and submit to, which will cause us to continue to react to whatever white Folks do and say about Black people, as they create words and define them for us to react to and our reaction will continue to be a submissive one.

    The Words of The Honorable Marcus Garvey still ring True for and to the Black Afrikans in america and the rest of the Diaspora, which is, "A Race Without Power And Authority Is A Race Without Respect" and I urge You Black People to observe the Black Race and witness the Disrespect we have yet to conquer, Also the Honorable Marcus continued to remind us that " Afrika is For The Afrikan" meaning we need to be where we constitute the Majority which make it more real that we will be able to gain control of our Environment and in such an Environment that we Control, there, Words will receive their meaing from our Divine Mind and not the Human Being Mind which allowed those that oppressed us and suppress the Black Divine Mind in exchange for the Human Being way of Believing, concerning our Black selves.

    Yes Beloved, the N-Word has no meaning and power to denegrate Black People, not unless we submit to the Meaning so given to it by a people who have stated emphatically that Black people have no Rights that they are bound to respect and the N-Word and its meaning as asserted by white people, the implication of the N-Word and White Folks Meaning, clearly imply no respect for Black people, by those who defined the N-Word at its inception.

    So beloved, your Words of Wisdom in regard to the N-Word, flow from the Mind of a Black Man with Divinity of Thought.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Shaka Barak <[email protected]> wrote:
    My dear Brothers and Sisters
    I see the frustration we are having over eliminating the "N" word. In an effort to eliminate the word ****** from the use and memory of a people who have for hundred of years had it used to demean them and for many to now use it as a term of indeerment and to refuse to abandone it is a monumental task. Never in the history of the world has such an attempt been made successfully. Most nations and races are stuck with their name until their conditions change and what they are called or call themselves no longer matter. What has happened is that a people who were held in low regard, because of enslavement, colonization or extermination, no matter what their name was, who lifted themselves up to gain the respect of the world also made the name that they were once given in derision an honorable, highly held name that instantaniously meant respect. As long as the African and people of African descent remains a weak and dispised race in this world, trying to change from being called, ******, negro, boy, coon, shine will never happen except on a very small scale among our own race at best for one generation. If on the other hand we could change the condition of our race and thereby the way that the world sees, respects and fears us, if you would, then one day the world will say the men and women who were called Negro, ****** and Coon battled their way to the top and are today the greatest people among us. They will have to say they have the longest life spands, fewist diseases, have more scientist, the largest and strongest military, the fastest growing and largest population, the most universities, colleges and academies, the most genusis, the largest fleets of ships, submarines and airlplanes under an Omnipotent Universal Pan-African Structure. While I applaud all those who work to bring dignity to the African personality, and while I join in the noble cause of elliminating all insults to our race, I believe when we change the condition of our race first that is based on the vision we hold of our future of let us say the next 200 to 2000 years. If we seek to make changes then we must have a vision of our race in the future if we follow this plan, ideology and vision. Let us find the vision for the masses of our race, make the plan to achieve it and then organize and mobilize the masses of our people to follow the plan and then all the names, all people refer to us will change automatically. It was only when the caucasian had economic, political/military, and cultural power could he name the planets, the animals, the continents and the oceans enslave us and call us Negro and ******. When we have that kind of power that we once had when we ruled the world, again, we may change the names of the continents, the planets and the animals all over again let alone eliminate any negative references to ourselves.

    Your Humble Servant
    Shaka Barak President [email protected]