Chief Elder Osiris : President Obama says he won't put focus on "Blacks" Troubles

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Jan 3, 2002
President Obama says he won't put focus on "Blacks" Troubles

"The most important thing I can do for the African-American community is the same thing I can do for the American community, period, and that is get the economy going again and get people hiring again," Obama told USA TODAY and the Detroit Free Press. Both newspapers are owned by Gannett.

Beloved, I know that this will not set well with some of you, but the Time now is to share with you what Is divinely True, even though some of you will reject what you do not want to hear, do know I mean no disrespect O just have more respect for the Divine Truth.

Do I Think That Black People Deserve Special Attention In America And Throughout The World, To Be Treated Justly, Yes I Do.

 Because Anybody Who Been Made To Suffer From Mental Illness Deserve To Be Given Special Attention, And Today, Black People By Racism Has Been Made To Be A Mental Ill People!!! - Osiris

By Chief Elder Osiris:

The alleged statement by Obama above clearly indict and find the president of America guilty of Racist, Prejudice, and discrimination intention against Black Descendants of Enslaved Ancestors in America.

Listen, I shared with you early on that Obama is not the Black Messiah and that Black people would be only setting themselves up to be disappointed if we expect things to be in our life in America better from the change Obama will bring to the white House as President.

If the statement sighted above to have been made by Obama, then there it is, such a statement indicate a either or situation, which is that Obama just do not get it about the Racism and Prejudice that Black people in America is continued to be exposed to or Obama just do not give a ****, because he view America through the eyes of not a Black Man, but as an American and it is America that serve to be the greatest danger to Black People in America, in Afrika, and where ever else we have migrated to on this planet seeking Justice and have yet to find it.

Listen beloved, Justice, Respect, Freedom do not come to a people who are the victim of injustice, if the people serving to be such victims are not organized to Demand their Justice, their Ancestors Reparation, and their Freedom.

You can sit around on your behind ranting and raving about what the President has said and about what he is not doing for Black People all you want and I guarantee to you that the Change Obama make claim to bring to America has nothing to do with the Life black people are exposed to in America, because Obama has made it plain that he look through the glass of America and can see only Americans and in America, White Folks constitute America.

Can it be that the President Of America can be so naive about the plight and treatment of Black people in America, we who are still being exposed to Racist, Prejudice and unjust treatment in America, or is it that Obama Mind is so Human Being conscious until he is not qualified to See Black people in America, just to look at them, and by looking he reach a decision that Black people must live a life of inclusion in America and not a Life of respectful independence that should be given special attention, based upon the way that Black people got to America Five Hundred Years ago, as America Enslaved Afrikans, having no Right to Justice, and treated with the disrespect of Racism prejudice discrimination, and nothing has changed unto this day for Black people.

So, based upon the alleged statement coming from Obama concerning the needs of Black people being deserving of special attention, Obama Change is not about how America Racism treat Black People, it is about how Black people must get in the way if can, of his change that he is working to bring to America, and that change is to restructure America into not a society of equal Justice for all in America, but for the participation of construction of a World Centralized Socialized Democracy that benefit the filthy wealthy in the world, which serve to the life detriment of Black and poor people in this evil world.

I have shared this with you many Time and you Black Folks still do not get it, and the reason you do not get it and can not see it being the case of an advantage to Black people, is because Black people have no knowledge of self nor do we have any self respect.

I have shared with you Black people that the only way that the Black Life can be rescued from what is in store for it, as planned by such a evil Racist prejudice world against Black people and poor people, is for Black people to reclaim their original Mind, because without it, you can not see what you need to do in order to save your Black life as well as the many lives of the world that is mostly poor.

Beloved, an organized Black people enclosed in their Divine Mind can put Thousands of Obama to flight, meaning that what Obama has been told not to do in behalf of Black People would not mean one **** of injustice if Black people were to begin to function in our Divine Mind Spirituality.

Yet, you can not see your Black selves having such a potential of power, all because you Black people have been made to be such a psychotic people suffering from all of the psychological ailments.

You use the Mind of your oppressors to look at your Black selves and by looking at your Black selves it prevent you from seeing exactly who you Divinely are.

So what do Black people do, you sit around waiting on Obama to come and save your Black behind, you not knowing that the most potent evil against Black people in the world today is not directly white people and their sibling Nations with a history of oppressing your Black behind as well, it happen to be the president of America so call United States, taking his orders from the hidden Hand of power and authority over the world today.

How naive and non Thinking of a people Black people have become today, always waiting on somebody to come and do for your Black behind that which you Black people can do for yourselves, if only you would organize having your Divine Mind to guide you in the direction of Justice, Reparation, and your Freedom.

Hell no you are not Free, look around you and make an attempt to See the condition of your Black behind and when you do, then I will know that you are ready to reclaim your Divinity and when you do, Obama and all of the Henchmen that control his split personality behind will not be able to contain such Black Divine power.

I have been given the Revelation about our Black selves and have been given the reason to put what has been revealed to me in a book form and now that the Book has come and I appeal to you Black people to go and purchase the book: Divine Spirituality: Revealing Information About The Real You, the first thing that take over your Human Being Mind is that I am just trying to make money.

Well let me share this with you beloved, I live today without you reading that book and I live tomorrow without you reading that book, but you, well you continue to do what you are doing now, and that is living as dead people with a Black behind that do not know who you are nor what you need to do to save your Black behind and the evil of ego, envy, jealousy will not allow you to wake up and pursue your Freedom, because we have lived a life of ignorance way to long, beloved.

You do not even know why it is that I share with you tour need to gather at a Divine Spiritual Retreat, not a Religious spiritual retreat, but a Divine Spiritual Retreat, is where you will be able to begin to purge your Mind of all of the lies that is stored inside of your believing mental action of a Human Being Mind, an action that has caused Afrika not to be for the Afrikan anymore and an action that has an entire Black Nation disorganized and Divided, and you expect something of a Greater Good to come to your Black lives, which is so confused, abused, and divided?

Beloved, I share with you because I Love you, which mean that I have Divine Thoughts of You, because I know who we Black people are, and I say this with unjustified prejudice toward anybody.

So what Obama is not doing for Black people, such is meant to be, because Obama is not Black people Messiah, but is an angle of Lucifer, which mean he is prohibited from serving Black people like we deserve to be served, and that is with Reparation, Repatriation, Statehood In Afrika, Justice, and Freedom.

Beloved, not until you become organized and is ready to show Obama that the Streets are not forbidden to be walked upon by Black people again, protesting his behind and his lack of interest to render Justice to Black people, and that the cause and need of Black People extend way beyond America wants, because where there is injustice against Black people, there is no justice to come to America nor to the World, beloved.

Can You understand That, Beloved?

Listen, follow the link that lead to you being able to Free Your Mind, Beloved, and Read my Book: Divine Spirituality: Revealing Information About The Real You, and do know, this is not a book written just to Black people, this is not a Black book, it is a Book of Life living Divinely Spiritual, and everybody must read this book, regardless of Race Creed, Religion. SKU-000131666

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.


Chief Elder


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