Ghana : President Obama in Ghana(the greatest 24 hours ive eva seen)

well i think is 4 more than malaria
but some shallow minds cant figure it out

come on 63 billion dollars just for malaria
n yea forget what he said watch da visit listen carefully.

y wud he visit a place slave were kept
he is not a product of slavery

he is part of a larger african american story
like he said but not in those exact words.

think harder



"Think: It's Not Illegal Yet-!"

He was here for less than 24hrs.

The 63 billion $ will be used to fight malaria in Africa. Wasn't meant for Ghana.

I think its time the leaders of the G8 stop giving, then will African leaders sit up n do the right thing.


Is this being posted by my former Nigerian acquaintance who lived (or lives) in Great Britain?

If so:

Do get back to me!

Above and beyond that:

Obama speaking up and out candidly and honestly about what aills modern Africa is more than even I expected him to do...

It just doesn't make any sense that Obama would make a big deal about slaves being taken from Ghana, then say that we should fight to make sure it never happens again. Why is he saying this to people who are not the products of slavery, shouldn't he be telling that kind of thing to Africans living in the diaspora??? Then, he leaves Ghana billions of dollars when he says that we are in a financial crisis here in America???

I'm confused...



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