Chief Elder Osiris : President Obama Brings Out The Best in America Racism

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    President Obama Brings Out The Best in America Racism

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    First allow me to make one thing clear, it is Obama politics I do not agree with and it is his politics that prevent him from dealing with real issues that Black people are confronted with in America.

    So because I am a realist and not a conformist nor an American dreamer of being infused into the mainstream of America, I share what I see and know, concerning Obama action as President of America, nothing against the Man, just his Mind, which is totally encapsulated in the myth about America being the best thing going for Black people.

    Now, with that said, it is as if Black people have become energized to be zombie like, in America, with our fascination over White people selecting Obama to become America President, Black people in the glare of Obama, has been blinded by the deceiving glare that emanate out from Obama.

    We cherish his (Obama) presence not by what he is doing for Black people in America but by the mere fact that Obama is not really Black and does carry recent Genetic marking of White people, which Black people really adore and honor more so that he being in possession of the Genetic marking of his Father.

    Now, with that said, have you notice how Black people look at you and begin to treat you when they realize that some Black people have not been blinded by the Obama glare and have the capacity to See rather than Look at Obama, because you see, when you See Obama you are able to observe something all together different from those Black people blinded by the glare of Obama, and can only look at what you want to observe to be of the president.

    Now, the one thing I accept about Obama, he is being made to serve as the tool that is revealing the very best of America Racism, not by Obama doing but just by Obama being President of America, but you see, if you are Black victims of Obama glare that blind you, which cause you only to be able to look and not See, then you in no way can see what is unfolding right before your Black blinding eyes.

    Obama with the script of governing that is given to him by his political handlers, is causing just what the controlling faction has so designed to happen under the presidential reign of Obama, which is to complete the dismantling of the America system of governing from what it is deemed to be, a dismantling that is not in the interest of the white American patriots and most certainly no America System has been in the interest of Justice for Black people in America, contrary to what you Black Americans have been Mentally conditioned to believe about your place and status in America.

    So I ask, why is there no up rising coming from Obama Black Americans over the way White America Racism is rising its ugly face to treat Obama as they perceive him to be, even though Obama is not acting the part, which is being Black.

    White America political power is really not responding to Obama political agenda, they are responding to the fact that Obama Father is not white but is Black Afrika Afrikan and not Black Afrikan American.

    Yet you have the Black Blinded Obama supporters who can not See the rising of the storm of America Racism that is being directed toward and against Obama, President Of America.

    There is A White Racist Spirit that show no more, respect for the office of the Presidency, all because it is Obama that is in that White House, which the White Racist consider to have been tainted by the Obamas being present there, and is there not in a Domestic servant capacity or as a momentary tourist guest, but as President Commander And Chief Of America.

    Have you ever notice, the more Racist outward Americans become toward Obama the more Docile Black People become, they being Drunk off of the old adage been planted into their Human Being Mind, the more none resistent against Racism and unjustified Prejudice Black people are, then the more Justice will become a part of the Black life in America and if you believe that doctrine to be True to your Black Life in America, then you are the biggest Black American Fool in America.

    Obama is under full attack by the Uncovered Racist in America, he is being hung out as a Target of interest to be treated and confronted any way Racism so desire in America.

    Obama is given a political agenda that has nothing to do with bringing Justice to those Black people in America, here by way of the middle passage, it has nothing to do with restoring the past America Republic, but it has all to do with pushing and advancing to the goal so set by the hidden forces of power, which is to Economically conquer the World and govern such a world having a world Unicameral form of Government.

    The Struggle in the World is about Wealth and the Power to Govern on a World scale political dimension, it is not about seeking the Greater Good for the World and most certainly not for the Black World.

    So I ask, Who was it that Obama is Put to please in those people White House and to serve?

    Whose interest does Obama represent, certainly not Black People and certainly not a faction of White Americans patriots, because it is that segment of White America political power that have pulled off the cloak of their Racism and Prejudice and is now in full Racist mode, in action to attack the president of the United States Of White America, a Spirit of destruction openly, that has never been shown before toward that office of the Presidency.

    Even I am upset over the way Obama is being treated by the White Racist Element of America and I know that Obama serve so far, to represent to be an enemy to my interest as a Black Nationalist Garveyite, whose main interest is Reparation, Repatriate back to Afrika and to become the next established State in Afrika, because of our forced expatriation from Afrika, as Chattel to become Slaves in the New America World, which make Black Peopleto be in America by no choice of our own, which make us to be justified in our Demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Yet President Obama does not have the capacity of Mind to be able to See the Justice and Wisdom in such a Black Nationalist Garveyite interest, as we are held captive in America and will remain as such, until we receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation with reason and desire to leave America.

    So no, I can not be moved to show support for Obama as long as he show disrespect toward our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!

    Yet you so call supporters of Obama, sit on your docile complacent do nothing behind, while the Racist Element in America wage war against your American President, How Sorry And Good For Nothing But Self, Can some Black so call Afrikans be.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]