Black Poetry : Preparing To Write About Tupac! The Search For Michael Eric Dyson...

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    As I prepare to write about Tupac
    this Hip Hop icon, so **** hot...
    this enigmatic
    Bold raw, prophetic,
    angry, injured, strong, determined,
    directed, driven, funloving, mysterious
    enigmatic soul.

    Folks still see ya
    Like Elvis.... In they world of HipHop
    you was KIng...
    You were nothing
    and you were everything,
    son of
    a Revolutionary...A prophet son...
    What else could you be
    you see?

    Be you , see you
    People still talking about ya.
    Bobbing they heads to ya...
    I put your image up as my screensaver
    and immersed myself again in something
    I love anyway....Hey,hey,hey
    they wishing you back
    as I listen to the next trac

    And every body who is , knows' who you
    be...Michael Dyson just knew a little bit
    better...Did he write a letter...Or did he do
    it one better?
    And just roll up on the brother
    at a get together...
    How he saw you as profound!
    Even if he didn't understand your sound.
    Generational, non-explantional...
    How three generations celebrate you
    Yearn to learn abuout you...
    Now I'm groovin to yo mix and reminisceing
    bout that bittersweet ghetto life and the
    light bulb goes on...
    They knew you, not all of you
    but they knew parts of you
    they still desire to know all the greater parts
    of you...because there was so much of you.

    Dwelling not on your parting
    You saw it just like Malcom and Martin
    Sang about Ghetto heaven and yo
    Momma all the music industry drama
    How hard it was to see
    So I delve further and I look through
    his pictures and tonight the video
    How could one ghetto momma raise
    a black man who touched so many