Black People : Preparing For a Trip by Car

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    Hi Every Body,
    How are you all? Traveling by car is a great way to spend time with family and see the country. When taking a road trip, you need to make sure your car is in good working condition. To reduce any car problems during the trip, there are a number of measures drivers can take before they start their road trip.

    1. Take your car to the mechanic for a check up. A qualified mechanic will be able to note any serious problems and make any necessary repairs. You should this at least 2 weeks before your trip. Make sure your brakes are inspected.

    2. Check your fluid levels such as the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid...etc. The fluid levels should be full and the fluids themselves should be clean. If your motor oil is very dark, you should get your oil changed. You should also run your car while it is parked, turn it off, and then look underneath to see if there are any fluid leaks. Bring the appropriate bottles of fluid with you for emergencies on the road.

    3. Check your car registration and safety inspection to see if they are about to expire. You do not want to get stopped the police and get a fine for expired plates and inspection.

    4. It is important that your tires are completely inflated. Add air at least a week before the tip and monitor for any loss of air. If there is loss of air, signs of worn tire treads, you should get new tires. Make sure you check your tires again the day before your trip.

    5. For any road trip, whether short or long, it is essential to have a spare tire. Make sure you have a spare and it is in good condition. You should have a tire jack, wrench, and other tire-changing equipment.

    6. You should keep the following in your glove box: owner's manual, insurance, road maps, list of emergency and contact numbers, tire gauge, matches, flashlight, pen and paper, and your car registration.

    7. Check your battery to see how old it is. If it is old, you should get a new battery. As well, check the charge points to make sure they are clean and not corroded.

    8. Clear the car out of any unnecessary items and garbage. Vacuum and clean the interior of the car. As well, wash and wax the exterior of the car.

    9. You should check your air filter to make sure there are not any clogs. You can either clean it or get a new filter.

    10. Consider purchasing a membership in an auto club. You will have access to a tow service and many other emergency assistance services.

    11. The day before you leave, make sure you have a full tank of gas.

    12. When you pack your vehicle, make sure you have distributed weight evenly through the car. Heavy things should be placed forward in the trunk.

    13. Keep your fully charged cell phone with you at all times.

    Road trips are a fun way to see the country. Make sure your trip is safe and relaxing by preparing your car for the trip.

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    John Garizon ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

    Thank you for joining us and sharing.

    I appreciate the information you are posting, but please realize we are a discussion forum, and not a dumping ground.

    I'd like to encourage you to take part in the discussions with us, and not just use us to post your own information, as enlightening as it is.

    Again, thanks for joining us and please make yourself at home, because you are.

    Much Love and Peace.