Black People : Premiere Linguist Dr Ernie Smith Lectures On Ebonics


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May 16, 2002
Bronzeville USA
Staying Alive
Premiere Linguist Dr Ernie Smith Lectures On Ebonics
63 mins
(This information can cause a paradigm shift)

I don't understand why is there a "black english, or ebonics" there is no equivalent within spanish, portuguese, an other languages. I can understand an accent or someone new to spanish will have trouble with irregular verbs and what requires a word terminating either masculine or feminine (not all words ending in o are masculine or a are feminine). there will be mistakes made in grammar and sentence structure. But there is no one trying to justify this as proper spanish because of slaves learning spanish as they were brought to the Caribbean, especially after 400 years.
oppressed peoples have sometime used a code speech.

So were the people in the US more oppressed than others in the same situation? you know elsewhere in the Carribean or South America. No one else has felt the need to try and justify an alternate language or speech. Uneducated yes many times their speech is not grammatically correct. but that can be true anywhere. but it's not regarded as an alternate.


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