Black Short Stories : Precepts of Honesty: The Engravings In My Entrance Sow Well Come (Diary of a Black Man)

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    Welcome to my entrance,
    the temple of honesty,
    ninja stranded in harshness,
    the spy within mystic,
    the tightrope bouncing,
    the opposite of gravity,
    the devil upon my shoulders,
    the angel upon yours,
    reader of leviathan,
    the traveler of astrology,
    the five constants,
    the tree of life,
    my wall of ignorance rearview looking,
    the sect of none,
    the islamic presence by pillars,
    the effect as your cause,
    causing your affect,
    the rule bender,
    the outer mind experience,
    the emotional swinger,
    the sharpest end of the pendulum at still,
    the rhythm of sustenance,
    the total view if i could,
    the growth of a mastermind,
    you almost at the doorstep...
    sow welcome to my entrance.

    Welcome to my entrance,
    a black reading mussolini,
    a general Tiye from the past,
    the future of emptiness,
    the timer of rings,
    the book of enoch,
    the tide of deborah,
    the gem of laughter,
    an ex-slave,
    the reader of souls,
    i felt you when we dream together,
    the telepathic intermediate beginner,
    my journey alone high off of further,
    the snow you stepped in,
    the blaze when flame sparked sigh,
    the impossible enigma,
    the maze of deep thought,
    the ruby of existence,
    the speech of spoken word,
    the magickal personal talisman,
    the thriller across screens,
    the truth if illusion grinned happily,
    a character of vodun,
    keep knocking...
    sow welcome to my entrance.

    Welcome to my entrance,
    my barren grounds winds storm,
    the pulpit bringer,
    the sought when you crept up,
    the seen when you saw,
    the period after your era,
    the error of fault,
    the languages of dummies,
    the nonsense out your ears,
    the sculpture of wax,
    the eyes of pain,
    the nose of death,
    the extremes of uncertainty,
    the evocation of projection,
    the next scroll of destiny,
    the epitome of suicide,
    friends of the enemy,
    enemy of all,
    the solo creep,
    the music from another mother,
    the position of sex holding onto you for life,
    the answers of none,
    the question of degrees,
    the rose who grew up colorblind,
    the dumb of deafness,
    the speechless of more,
    greater than my last times,
    less than yours,
    equal in my chronology,
    when your heart stops...
    i'll take you there together forever,
    the deepness of a pisces,
    the delivery of god,
    the representative from any apex live,
    you heard me echo propaganda over your land,
    the back draft underneath that door smoldering,
    the combustion from the fission in slow time defined,
    the reddest flow you ever scene,
    the heat unexplained who expressed clearly,
    the expert of glass-made duality of claymore,
    the ricochet bastard with a bulletproof vest,
    the sniper within a joke,
    the joker of four spades,
    the game within your hand,
    the riddle of chess,
    the move you couldn't figure,
    the underdawg risen by envy the fiend of life,
    the tao of torah's revelation,
    high off of farther,
    keep knocking more honestly...
    i heard your beggar's plea drive-bye got louder,
    sow welcome to my entrance.