Black People : Preacher pleads guilty to sodomizing boys; serving no time

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    Posted by David Holden July 09, 2007 5:43 PM

    Alabama's Huntsville Times Newspaper

    An unordained preacher who pleaded guilty today to three felony charges of first-degree sodomy in the repeated sexual abuse of three of his adopted children will not serve any time in prison.

    Circuit Judge Karen Hall sentenced Jerry Wayne Love to 15 years on each charge to be served one after the other. But she accepted prosecutors' recommendation and ordered Love to spend five years on probation and undergo treatment in a sex offender program.

    Love, 51, of 3202 Overhill St., pleaded guilty to charges of sodomizing three young boys he and his wife adopted. In exchange, the prosecution dropped 10 counts of sodomy and three counts of sexual abuse against Love.

    The case was scheduled for trial today. If he had been convicted by a jury, Love could have been sentenced up to life in prison on nine of the felony charges.

    The boys were adopted in the 1990s shortly before Love and his wife were named as adoptive parents of the year by the Madison County Department of Human of Resources, officials said.

    The boys now are 13, 14 and 16.
    Assistant District Attorney Allison Palmer told Circuit Judge Karen Hall that Love had abused the boys multiple times over several years.

    Fred Sharp, an investigator with the Huntsville Police Department, said he was contacted by school officials in 2003 after one of the boys told a counselor Love had molested him. Two younger boys came forward in 2006, Sharp said.
    Love is a minister but is not ordained by any church or religious group, Sharp said.

    Palmer said Love molested one of the boys after DHR had removed the child from Love's home.

    The prosecution offered the plea agreement to spare the boys from having to testify against Love, Palmer said. The number of males who report being victims of sexual molestation is very low, she said, because of the stigma and trauma.

    "They are juveniles and to have them face the man who molested them for years would have traumatized them again," Palmer said.

    Love and his wife ducked out of the courtroom and down a stairway after the sentencing. He did not offer any statement to the victims or show any remorse in the courtroom.

    Steven K. Aldridge and Alan Davis, Love's lawyers, said they believe their client made the right decision by accepting the plea agreement.

    "Mr. Love was in a very serious situation," said Aldridge, an attorney from Florence. "He was accused by three separate children. After looking at the evidence, the prosecution was going to bring against him, he thought accepting the plea would be in his best interest."

    While on probation, Love must complete a sex-offender counseling program. He must also register as a sex offender under the community notification law.
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    Isn't that crazy!

    I was looking-up sex-offenders in my local area and was disgusted at the little time level-3 and 2 sex-offenders receive for harming little children. I could not find one offender whose done more than a year of prison time. First time drug offenders whose criminal act is possession, get longer prison time than that.

    We live in a world that has little respect and care for children. Children are like the worlds door mat. They get abused, ignored, forgotton more than any other being on this planet. Just take a look at the missing children bureau's.

    They have all these laws that supposed to protect the children, yet when a disgusting piece of poop asualts them in the most defiling way, they walk with a BS sentence; While that poor baby is tramutize for the rest of his/her life. smh

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    Soon this will be acceptable behavior/conduct/norm, all because we fail to do something about it all NOW.

    Our children will continue to pay a Grave price for the ticket we write them today.

    We the People are the Body of this world, and when there is an infection/disease in the body we must do all we know to do to get rid of the disease/infection, because when we do not, it will spread as we have witnessed for countless years.

    I mentate/meditate to the Cosmic Universe, Cosmic Ancestors and Divine Nature to collectively come together and bring the Tsunami of Truth and reality to this lying and deceiving Space Ship Planet earth/earthlings. For those of us who operates in Truth and reality now and then when the full forces of Truth and reality lands on earth, we will not be harmed/burned/scorched in the midst of the Tsunami call Truth and Reality as it cleanse the infection/disease in the Soul-mind-Thoughts of liars/deceivers/predators/pedophiles...and the likes of.

    Come Now, Divine Truth and reality. Come No. We need you to bring Harmony, Order, and Balance to a land filled with Maggot Mind-sets, who is killing, stealing, and destroying our children.

    Are we ready for Truth and reality?

    If not, we are ready for more constant/continuation of lies and deception, famine, disease.

    Truth and reality Rule and Reign in the mind-set of the Maggot Mind Thinkers. Truth and reality hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry this way Tdoay. Truth and Reality, I long to see you face to face with liars, deceivers...and the likes of.

    The rulers keeps lying
    denying justice
    The children are dying
    from the evil ones lusting
    The babies are crying
    No one is trying
    No one is complying
    We are frying

    Come NOW Truth and reality, rain and pour down on liars and deceivers, and take the people back to their once Divine mind-set.

    It is the mind-set of the people that will build a righteous Kingdom or destroy it.

    When we are under the influence of a perverted government we can expect no justice.

    A Nation ruled by the Flesh-Human being will die.

    A Nation ruled by the Divine Spirit will live

    It is evil to not tell the truth, and I hate evil with a Passion (Auset)
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