Chief Elder Osiris : Prayer Without Work Is Dead

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    Hoteph my dear Beloved sisters and brothers:
    > You know beloved we Afrikans are so caught up into the symbolism of life
    > until we are totally unaware of what Life is to the body, thus we become
    > susceptible to the ways of the religious world, in hope that some relief
    > can be founded in such a practice, regardless of the Truth of the matter
    > which such is not founded upon.
    > We Afrikans, which is of the majority, depend on the ways and thought of
    > others who are not of the Black Afrikans and such thoughts of those other
    > people have so trained and conditioned our Black mind to believe in the
    > way they have so constructed the world, with the world being the people
    > therein.
    > So beloved, one of the main religious practice is what is known of as
    > prayer and such a practice mislead those in practice of such, into
    > believing that the target to which the prayer is sent, end up making the
    > final decision of the prayer request and/or statements of desire.
    > To believe such none sense is why the Black Afrikans are in the condition
    > we are in today and such a practice of belief continue to weave the web of
    > dependency and not independence of responsibility to one own Life action.
    > We ask the question, why Afrikans women are more devout in their religious
    > practices and is constantly in prayer to the god of their religious
    > belief, in anticipation that such a ritual of praying will cause someone
    > other than the one offering the prayer, to act in support of the praying
    > one desired interest.
    > Such a practice by Afrikan women only serve as evidence of the mental
    > trauma she suffer from by not being able to trust in the behavior and
    > thoughts of the Afrikan man anymore, thus causing her to look for a
    > religious placebo affect which bring a feeling of artificial comfort to
    > her soul, as she internally weep for the lost of a once great Afrikan
    > Nation.
    > Prayer is no more than a conversation with the self of one soul and the
    > only person that will answer such prayers is the one doing the praying.
    > Prayer must be the generator of the action needed to cause such prayer to
    > become a reality and the praying person should not offer prayer without
    > the will to make it happen.
    > The God in us only respond to the one doing the responding by causing the
    > action that will cause such a prayer to come true.
    > Prayer without action by the one doing the praying is as a sailboat in
    > water without the sails, making motion but going nowhere, prayer without
    > action to make it so is a useless ritual.
    > Since the fall of the Afrikan Nation, many prayers have gone out in the
    > name of somebody else God and not the Afrikan Nation Spiritual essence,
    > its soul thoughts, so, as I speak on this day and at this Time, the
    > Afrikan Nation is a lost and confused dead Spiritual Nation, depending
    > entirely on those responsible for the Fall of a once great Afrikan Nation.
    > As we pray, it is up to us Afrikans to make such prayer become a reality
    > and hopefully such prayers will be noble and Just in behalf of the Black
    > Afrikan Nation.
    > It Is time To condemn The Lie and elevate the truth!!!
    > We Must Cause Trouble With The Truth Until Our Liberation!!!
    > It Is The Black Fool Who say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika !!! ( Osiris )
    > Completely Loving The Afrikan nation
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Chief Elder
    > National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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