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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Every day a prayer heard
from the mighty holy word
speaking of struggle
on how life's muzzle
bringing down another
mother sister & brother

Prayer is the answer
we feel it's not heard
bur surely it's in da name of his word
each prayer lingers deep
cries drift like slumbering sleep

Here we face these cities of streets '
looking fo ways to make life complete
callin upon da master to speak
in our poverty that keeping us weak
many men loosing sleep

seventeen hours thirtytwo dead
from the bang ova thy head
for the stars and the stripes
how long will we fight
in this war against da bite

I pray on my knees
to thy King wit humble plea
of help and people unity
i know he will answer me
if it's true what they say
that ya prayer is heard each day.
Much Love Brother RICH
Prayer is the answer. And our prayers are heard.
It is the way to ask all questions
and the answer
And a way will be shown.
I love how the way our prayers are answer
It coud be a line written by our brothers or sisters
Or a question asked by a child. The answer
It do weigh heavey on the heart the troubles that we see
and witness day by day. All things have a reason.
It could be a stronger force of unification of our culture
coming to the surface to put a end to this madness.
I know with all the bad the devil have made, it will never
out shine all the good the Lord have made for us.

When we keep our heart open, the light will shine even brigther
and our prayers will be answer, because our prayers are indeed heard
Much love with a smile



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