Black People : Praise for Parenting/Wrong Headed Thinking

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Ionlyspeaktruth, Jun 16, 2008.

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    I have come to the conclusion that when many of us say. "I am tired of giving praise to fathers (mothers) who are taking care of their kids, it's what they are supposed to do!" We are being wrong headed and silly. Hmmmm... Well, we are all quick to get on a parent who does NOT do their job. However, I think know where this comes from. It stems from a frustration of being involved with an ex mate/partner/wife/husband who has affected us by NOT doing his/her job of parenting. Look, I have made this statement too. because several of my kids biological dads are not doing their job of parenting. However, THAT should not make me then go into a NEGATIVE mode. I was wrong headed and small. One of my nieces got me started thinking about this. the father of her child is out of work. He was waay down about getting laid off. well, she still heaped praise on his parenting and I saw the look in his eyes. Think of this , we ALL need praise and encouragement sometimes. So the next time that any of us take a silly stance on BIG issues we need to get pulled up. Much praise to parents doing parenting! Each and every day.
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    build up the nation
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    Exactly this is a great post!!! I think that too many of us have been so assimilated into this society we forget about the support and praise we are supposed to give eachother in parenting. My bf and I were discussing african retentions in the black and afro-spanish community recently and this came up. I was discussing how many blacks and latinos live with generations in one house and all have a hand in raising the children. Its all about much needed support and encouragement of eachother. I was reminded of the old african proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child" It really is true. I dont know where I would have been were it not for my entire family having a hand in my developement.
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    Absolutely. . .

    Well, we view each other through the lens of "White" supremacy. We don't see each other as we really. . .in most situation. Surely there are folks out there who deserve disdain for not going their jobs. But most people are simply not like that. I know brothas who don't have employment or adequate employment. They really get down and depressed about it, so they tend to stay away. It is embarrassing to come around the family and have little or nothing to contribute. It is better to be supportive of these brothas. So many out there want to do good. They should not be evaluated on their "race". They should be evaluated on their individual circumstances.