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Oct 13, 2006
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If you don't own a vehicle the rise in gas prices are still affecting you because of how produce is imported from state to state. Oil prices affect food as well as labor. Employers start cutting back to save on rising prices, and usually those cuts means having less Employees.

For now we can concentrate on saving money with our vehicles so we can have the money to deal with everything else. Of course, in some cases the most practical gas saving tip is not to drive. Start using public transportation. Or form a car pooling group in your community.

Or you can get a long hose and a bucket and start sucking gas out of other people's tanks. It might save you gas but earn you a beatdown if you get caught.

For me, I didn't realize I was saving money on gas until the gas went up to $4.00 a gal and I realized I was still paying the same money every week for gas even from when the gas was $2.90 - $3.00 a gal. I wondered to myself how was that possible?

It possible because I'm not driving around inside a tank called an SUV. I drive an old 91 Honda Accord that gets well over 20 miles per gallon.

Believe it or not, my Queen's car- the 98 Chevy Metro gets 44 mpg. How many people knew that one?


When I first drove her car I thought the gas gauge was broken because it didn't move at all. This is also because this car is very lite.

But I was still trying to figure out how was I spending less money? Mpg is only one factor. I was sitting up one night thinking about what would happen if I put helium in my tires. It would still cost somewhat so it wouldn't be an effect means of really saving any money, but the idea was interesting. Make the car lighter.

The fact is the less junk you have in the car the less gas you burn. That was another factor. I remember cleaning out the trunk and throwing away all of stuff. Another tip is that using cushions and pillows for items rested down in the car or backseat makes the car "air filled" and therefore lighter. Keeping the tires at the proper pressure helps as well.

I cleaned my fuel injectors myself by spraying them with exhaust cleaner. It also seemed true that when I kept my tank almost full I burned less gas slowly.

But overall the main reason I saved allot of money is because somehow unconsciously I was hypermiling, a term that has been reintroduced recently because of the rising gas prices. Hypermilers are drivers that know different tricks on how to get the most out of their car's mileage.

I stopped speeding as much. I tried to use the brakes only when the car was slowing down by rolling. And I washed the car...I don't know why it works, but for some reason cars work better when they are clean- who would've guessed?

More tips:

But don't go putting pure acetone in your car just yet, research it or find someone who is doing that. My goal is just not to spend more money for gas than I have too.


Now here's a bright idea.


Don't knock it until you've tried it.

If you're not in the "hybrid car" market like myself- look into getting a cheap old used car that gets allot of mpg.


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