Black People : Power of the Media

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Hello Family,

    I was just having a discussion with some friends ... :love: ... and this thread came to mind.

    Now, i am one who does not watch a lot of television, and can't remember the last move i went to see, yet i have been devastated and traumatized by the power of the media ... without ever even seeing the movie i'm about to talk about.

    The media is so powerful, that one does not even have to view the movie or program, to have their sub-conscious detrimentally affected. What is the movie you ask? Oh gosh, i can hardly even bring myself to say the name out loud ... even the name of it is offensive to me!

    Okay Okay Okay ... here it is ... Broke Back Mountain. :sick:

    I useta love westerns! I thought it was pretty kewl to be a cowboy! I would spend many Saturdays in days gone by, watching western after western! I even asked Brother OldSoul to do a class on Westerns, as i wanted to understand how we fit into that time, even though we were rarely if ever featured on such shows. I loved westerns!

    But now ... every time someone says the word "cowboy" ... this broke back mountain stuff comes to mind! Again, i never watched the movie! Never saw it! Only heard about it! Yet it has impacted me greatly! ... Well ... greatly might be a strong word ... but it has surely made its way into my mind. I can only imagine the affect it has had on those who actually paid to view it.

    Family ... can you share some instances of how images in the media have detrimentally affected you?


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    power of the media...

    hahahaha,please excuse my laughter,but my son was teasing me the other day about[brokeback mountain]and how it makes all the cowboys seem gay[his opinion]i too am a fan of the western and wouldn't think of seeing that crappy movie,as for the media it seems to go out of it's way to report the worst in society,we all are affected by it for better or worse unless you are one of those folks whose will is so strong that you don't bother with the news at six and eleven or the papers[i wish i were that strong but i'm not so i suffer with the rest].
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    Sorry to get off track since the thread is not about Broke back mountain. But I also love westerns. A lot of people do and I have always wondered why they don’t make more of them especially since most have a lower budget to produce.
    I thought it was bad enough they have not come out with a new one in recent years. Instead of coming out with a good new one, their answer is to make Broke Back Mountain, one that makes you sick to even think about a western. I can just see the macho redneck cowboys watching this one.