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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved, I will deal with this subject, knowing how well we are mentally
    trained to submit to it, without question, such is the power it possess over
    the mind of contemporary mankind and more especially the mankind of Afrikan
    kind, Black and possess that we are, in the vice of Religion.

    Many of us have asked the question, what is wrong with the Black Afrikan?

    Why do we behave as we do, in this so call modern world?

    As we point to our condition and status in this world, I say, it is all
    based on how controlling and mental, the institution doctrine of Religion
    is, regardless from what direction on this planet it flow, it have us
    mentally confined in its grip.

    Religion is liken to a tranquilizer to the Brain Mind, it prevent the mind
    from operating independently exclusive from the religious doctrine that has
    been so meticulous with great precision implanted within the lost mind and
    such an operation, cause the victim mind to freeze.

    It is not able to detect the difference between truth and fiction, as a
    matter of fact, religion give cause to reverse the order of acceptance, such
    as, Truth become fiction and fiction become Truth, to a tranquilized
    religious mind.

    So my focus is on the Black Afrikan, whose life now rest upon the foundation
    of Religion, and contrary to what me may say in defense of Religion, all
    that is said in such a defense, serve as a sign to the fact that we now
    operate under a tranquilized mind.

    It is no wonder that the Black Afrikan act from two extremes, one of total
    savagery in our action toward each other and the other as religious zombies
    and under such mental extremes, there is no wonder there is no Harmony and
    Balance in the mind of the Black Afrikan.

    From one end of the spectrum, Religion have us looking for a fantasy Being
    to come from the sky and the hope of going to a make believe wonderland call
    Heaven, in the sky.

    Now, if we want to stir up trouble among the Black Afrikan, imprisoned with
    the shackles of Religion, then question religion doctrine validity before us
    believers, an act that require no effort of independent thought and we
    wonder why it is that we marvel in our suffering and hate it when the Truth
    challenge such Lies About God?

    Oh No, let us not forget the other end of this lying and deceitful spectrum
    of Mental oppression, on the opposite extreme of Religion, we have the Black
    Afrikan that is totally psychotic, mental deranged, as we go stirring up
    strife and wars among and against the Black Afrikan Family, killing
    children, our Elders, wives and other relatives and I ask, in the name or
    reason, for what, other than we have become a mental imbalanced fool.

    So, here we are, the Black Afrikan, one who love to point to the sanity and
    Spiritual Balance of Harmony of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, yet we have
    not the will nor the desire to pattern and mock our Black lives after those
    that was among us and from which we flow, whose life they lived as goddess
    and gods.

    Yet, here we are with a life steeped in the oppressors dogma, a doctrine
    that trained the Mind to desire a life of suffering and passivity and remain
    complacent during our mental state of depression living a life in an
    oppressive state, yet having the will to adhere to a Religion doctrine that
    has served as a tranquilizer to a once great and powerful Mind and in such a
    Black Life state we willingly suffer.

    Religion teach us to do and endure suffering in the Name Of Jesus, a phony
    and make believe character that he is!!!

    Eventually, in the very near future, I will present to you, Biological proof
    that this white man Character he has sold to you as the Son of God, using a
    name as Jesus, is a Lie, as a matter of fact I can do it Now, but Now is not
    the Time, nor is this the place and when I do, you still will rather embrace
    a Lie instead of the Truth, because the Truth would have destroyed your
    fantasy, which you hold mentally by belief, to be true.

    The devils that are reading this message and know the secret to the Lie
    about Jesus, by me making such a statement as I have about the fantasy of
    their main religious character, they know I have invaded their secret space,
    therefore I will not reveal yet openly the proof of the falsehood of Jesus
    as the oppressor Religion has presented him to the world, on such a wide
    open stage.

    Yet to a few trusted Black True Afrikan Nationalist Spiritualist, those who
    know of the True Afrikan Theology of God and show me an interest in hearing
    what I have to say about this world popular character call Jesus, then in a
    gathering in private, we will explore what I have to reveal about the white
    man Jesus.

    Religion is a powerful weapon, used to hold the world and especially the
    Black world, Mentally hostage and this devil will kill to maintain that such
    a lie be kept in the mind as truth.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation.


    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    National Chairman

    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    Only thing i can say is preach it brother!!! Too many black people have lost their minds over so called religion that was forced upon our ancestors during slavery.