Black Poetry : power hungry


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Feb 22, 2004
i said i spit it thru eternity,
this world is not concerning me,
there's billions born in poverty deprived of prosperity,
brain programmed,
controled by demaon slogans,
haters drown in sea of color ,
on money their barely floatin, self genocyde,
nicotine and alchohol,
never sweat the uncontrolled hold your head stand tall,
watch for poisonous bait,
watch for poisonous lures,
in the form of green nylon and breakable laws,
truth need no applaused,
just trust the head nods,
zombies walk the earth on clear days blinded by the fog,

so i apply that fatal blow in every method possible,
top ottom to the side,
head on diagonal.
economical war...
deadly with the flows,
dark side of the mind,
the perfect tool for design,
build this empire gotta get mine before i die.

feeling ya vibe here it's a wild life world out there
we have to watch out for da beast.tuye drop

do hope you consider or decide on membership here
and take advantage of all the benefits & features offered
support the community become a PREMIUM MEMBER!
look at what you missing out on!!


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