Black Money Business Jobs : Poverty in Urban America: Its Causes and Cures

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    Even though he cited the PROBLEMS, its HIGH TIME to wage WAR on IT if you HAVENT YET.

    At the current pace even with HIS CURE we are going to be FINISHED SOONER than LATER and some YOUTHS like the IDEA of going out with a BANG.

    I have the idea of STICKING AROUND for AGES to COME...

    You cant do that without be IMMERSED in the SITUATION DAY IN and DAY OUT... It's in your FACE all day every day like SLAVERY was in our ANCESTORS FACE all day and every day but we through some REMARKABLE WISDOM came about today...

    Not trying to BOAST but I am IMMERSED in the DAILY of IT. I dont intend to WRITE BOOKS on the SUBJECT while getting my FEET WET in a SUBURBAN POOL or LOOKING at the SKY from a NEIGHBORING CONDO.

    This REMARKABLE WISDOM is still is out there for US but we just FORSAKE IT for OUR OWN WAYS...

    This author appears to be FOLLOWING the NATION WAY of ADDRESSING the MATTER and if I FOLLOW HIM I WILL PERISH alot SOONER due to APATHY...

    I UNDERSTAND he means no HARM but APATHY in this case is a SILENT KILLER.

    You have to UNDERSTAND greater SOCIETY is caught up in too MUCH SPECIAL INTEREST.

    That's the NATION at WORK

    Oh well.