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Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
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I'm glad you can live with my decision. If i have to do this again, you'll lose permanent access to that area.

No, i didn't know the above, thanks for sharing.

I find it interesting that you are so forgiving of whites, encouraging us to become one with them, but hold so much disdain for the christian.


Much Love and Peace.



I am no more or less forgiving of whites that I am of 'us'. All [not just black, not just Christian] mortals, as I posted in some forum here in the last 24 hours, are stubborn fools who have to find out, the hard way, that they can get rid of their headache by ceasing to bang their own head against the wall.

We are, all, One . This is the essence of what Jesus taught in his Upper Room sermon in the gospel of John chapters 13 thru 17. My caustic criticism of Christianity is due to the fact that, by convincing so much of the world that they are teaching the Way of Jesus, they have positioned themselves to be the single biggest obstacle between man and God. Not only do they not go into the kingdom of God. They even block others who seek to go therein.

We are, all, One. This is a scientific fact, intrinsic to everything quantum physics and superstring theory is revealing. Any doctrine which distracts from knowing all as One, even a doctrine of black unity through separation from the rest of humanity, leads men away from their Karmic Destiny which is to Know Self as God as One.

At this point in my mortal journey, I do not have a choice. I could no more stop talking about this than I could stop breathing.

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