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    I know that someday
    We will catch
    A glimpse of the stars
    Underneathe the moonlight

    And regain
    Our composure

    And not regret
    Past love affairs

    I know our
    Time is gettin closer

    And it's greater
    Than we know of

    I think
    Of you with your heart in mine

    And remember all of the times

    We came together
    And shared our dreams from the heart

    And shared something special
    Between us
    And they envied us
    But no more

    For I know
    That beneathe our hidden secrets
    And this collage of dreams and visions

    Like mozarc
    And picasso

    I have a desire
    That burns
    Like a firey flame

    I know somewhere
    We'll begin
    Our love

    Will last through out time

    And spending time together
    Never having to ever worry weather

    It's right
    With doubts
    And fears or worries

    I know that
    We'll get far far away

    Into a distant land

    And consume
    The ammenities of paradise

    And be satisfied

    Because I know
    That you know
    That I know
    We love
    Like a channel to the sea

    And if my words don't make sense
    Just remember me
    In your warm embrace
    Never forget me
    But forget the sorrow
    I know it's hurts
    Into tommorrow

    It's hard to try to console you
    Because I know
    It's so hard to explain the reason why I have to leave
    It's so hard to describe the pain that I go through
    Knowing that we can't be together,soon
    It's so hard to reason with you
    It's so hard to say good bye
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard
    It's so hard

    To know that it all began and endz with you
    I really loooooove you
    And again

    I know cuz I see it in your heart
    I see you there
    And it's like we're all we got
    And they don't understand us at all
    I never intended to hurt you
    Or desert you
    I never intended to leave so abrubtly
    I guess what I'm trying to say is
    I never knew it would be this hard.

    Desert Storm