Black Poetry : Portrayed By Love

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    you told me that you loved me, but you keep on playin with me, you betrayed me , you left me for someone else, to satisfy their needs better. you don't be home, you stay gone, all night long, partyin with yo friends, thats how our relationship crashed to an end. you hate me, you portrayed me, by everything that you did, treating me like an outsider or someone who doesn't exist, you don't love me, cause if you did, you'll come back to me, to the woman you cared about the most, and that gave you your own destiny. i loved you, i needed you back into my life, without you, my heart was broken in two, if you do, or if you choose to come back to me, i'll give you my heart, my soul, throughout all eternity, to be with me, your fantasy, my love to be, faithfully, and truthfully. So don't waste your time, ruining your life, think about me, honestly, who cares about you from within, not the outside but the inside, from thick to thin.:toast: