Black Relationships : Pornography: Betrayal or Harmless?


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Aug 3, 2014
If someone posted this thread before, forgive me. I know that some women look up pornography as well, but in most cases men are the ones who enjoy it and look it up more, so my question may seem a little "biased" because of that fact.

Men: What are your thoughts on pornography? If you are in a committed relationship (particularly marriage), would you still feel a need to look it up? If you know your significant other doesn't like it or has an issue with you looking it, would you still do it anyway even if it meant not in her presence?

Women: How do you feel about your husband looking up porn? Are you indifferent about it? Do you also enjoy watching it with your significant other? If you don't like it, how would you take it if you found out that your significant other was looking it up?

I realize that I never address your Thread Header question directly as to whether it is a betrayal or harmless.
Now since the internet(AD2000) porn has taken on whole new set of features bordering on if not prostitution ...I am mostly talking about old fashion porn which is a mostly remote spectator / viewer sport.

Some porn can be Harmful to viewers(addictions/sexual dysfunction) and actors(sex trafficking/slavery) as it portrays or is and or encourages violence and or humiliation.
Porn becomes a betrayal if one is deceptive or lies about it.


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Dec 12, 2002

Another form of entertainment.

Not a need necessarily but a desire of the moment.

Yes out of respect....but never in secret or hiding.

I am not trying to offend anyone, it's just Masculinity's view of Femininity's view of porno.
The following response is based on me trying to channel my feminine aspects...

It depends on how am feeling about myself or time of the month.

Sometimes i am

Oh! yes when I feel really sexy or beautiful, especially when I know I look better than the women in the porno.

Cheated on, betrayed or that he doesn't love me enough.
Thanks for that breakdown. It helps put things into perspective.

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