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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Oh how I miss my Poppa, he being the Hero of my Life,
    though many despise and rebuke him, claiming he is
    without Pride.

    Poppa has been given a bad image, designed by people
    disparate to destroy poppa Linage, Momma is there all alone,
    being taught to keep poppa away from our Broken Home.

    Where oh Where is my poppa King, the Man I love despite
    the Tarnish of his Name.

    I See Poppa when I am Awake and Asleep, though he is
    not present where he need to be, when I am in Slumber
    Under the Sheet.

    Poppa now made to be the White Sheep of the family,
    Poppa being close to me doing no damage, causing me
    never to weep, when I see Poppa Jamming To The Beat.

    Poppa the Most misunderstood of the Family gone, and
    Family is now is Broken leaving me so alone, me seeing
    Poppa Love for Momma as if it has had a Stroke, Poppa
    always available even if Broke.

    People Tell me that My Poppa is no Good, I tell those
    People that My Poppa is just misunderstood, he made to
    be the villain by the pressure placed upon Momma to
    send him away from the Hood.

    Yes I will always Love my poppa, simply because I could,
    needing no one to tell me that My Poppa is no Good, yet I
    know what I see in my Poppa deep down, what every one
    else should, if only would leave the frown, the Love my
    poppa has and so much he can do, if only Momma
    would remain True.

    My Poppa has been defiled and Profiled, sent to prison
    for a long while, just to make me Cry, they hoping that
    My Love for Poppa will subside, but not this Love I have,
    needing no guide, this Love I will always have for Poppa,
    even when he has long died

    Love You Poppa !!!

    Happy Poppa Day To All Of Those Poppa Out There.

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    If I'm angry with my poppa
    it is divinely so
    my whole life spent tryin to forgive him
    for his ignorance or rather what he didn't know

    one face in the public
    tryin to fit into the sheme of a prototype design
    but what he said and what he did
    never did fall in line

    wearin strong
    his brand new afrikan mind
    tryin to make me beleive
    we're no better then their lies

    i often wondered what made a man
    submit to being less
    and poppa always said the same thing
    it's ok cause jesus loves u best

    now that poppa died
    u've helped me understand him so
    man what a shame to be a beleiver
    but poppa ur daughter wants to KNOW!

    I use to read poems like this
    and wish i felt this way about my pops
    and for years and years
    I couldn't find the peace that's in my heart

    and so I know what u say is true
    and u r a majority of one
    ur divine love is so real
    u shine on me like the sun

    these days when i feel
    i need a strong arm to lean on
    I pretend I have ur arm right there
    hate when they despise u cause that's wrong

    Was tryin to get to you
    using all the will of my mind
    tryin to understand all
    of infinite space and time

    and when it got real quiet
    and silence was all there was to know
    I thought I heard ur voice loud and clear...

    but u said Beloved.... didn't I tell u so!!

    I'm reminding myself not to use
    my brand new african mind
    but hearin u say that scares me
    because where running otta time.
  3. Chief Elder Osiris

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    And I hang my Head with sadness over the fact that the staffgender does not know the Wombgender greatness as you have so demonstrated under Poppa, as you render Strength to the Staffgender and that I do Know,my dear Lady, and it is unto you do I bow unceasingly, you the Wombgender, from which all of the staffgender need come from, can the staffgender understand that ?

    Be kind to your self beloved

    I remain available to you

    Chief Elder
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