Black People Politics : Pop Singer "Sweet Mickey" Martelly is the new president of Haiti

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    who is Michel Martelly? We have to wait to see how bad he will be for Haiti. But what we know already should keep us on edge. Besides the fact that Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly was a lewd singer and musician known for wearing skirts and bikinis and cursing his rivals before entering Haiti’s presidential race, he is also a known neo-Duvalierist who reportedly kept company with rightwing paramilitary groups.xii He is open about restoring the dreaded Haitian military and, most recently, extending amnesty to Jean Claude Duvalier, one of the most brutal dictators in history. Martelly is also clearly anti-Aristide—a position that must have played a role in the U.S. decision to choose him as president. Most worrisome, is what Kim Ives of “Haiti Liberte” has argued: that “Martelly has seduced parts of Aristide's urban poor base with intermittent populist and nationalist posturing, an irreverent stage persona and a well-financed, professionally-run campaign.”xiii It remains to be seen how much effect that new persona will have for the disenfranchised masses.

    In the months to come, we will not hear of any of these facts on the history of Haiti’s recent “selection.” Martelly is already receiving positive media coverage – he is said to have won by a “landslide” – and is now in Washington meeting with Hillary Clinton.’s-presidential-selection