Poetry Critiques : Poor Poet

Mario D King

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Oct 25, 2012
This is a Poem I wrote back in 2001 while in college...

Poor Poet
The poet awaits in his chair for his
second coming thought.
He's at a mental block, in the past is
where he's caught.

The pressures of the world is swarming
all around.
In a dark room with a cigar is where the
poet can be found.

All the poet need is a pen and a pad,
to illustarte the shortcomings of life from
which he had.

Poetry is the only way the poet expresses
He's intoxicated with pain trying to make
that leap for help.

The poet gazes out his window that has
no blinds.
Looking at the stars for peace is what he

His soul has risen making him rich on the
With his poor surroundings not altering his

The relationship with God and the poet
has gotten better.
But he's still battling between pass sins
that follow where ever.

Puff, puff...goes the poet on his everlasting
Too poor for an ashtray so he puts his
ashes in a jar.

Bills, rent, notes and creditors is what
the poet has to pay.
With no money for school, he uses his pen
to keep astray.

With all the worries in the world the poet
maintains to stay sane.
Even though when he writes... it shows
nothing but pain.

The poet may never see diamonds or
All the poet wants to do is share his gift
to the world.

Mario D King


Well-Known Member
Jan 14, 2003
The Lone-Star State
You have captured the very soul of a poet, and in so doing revealed the poet in you.

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