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    POOR DRE’S ALMANAC is a book that places into perspective the role and contributions of African-Americans in world civilization. The book is divided into six parts:

    1. Black history files

    2. Politically files

    3. Slavery files

    4. Obama files

    5. Malcolm X files

    6. Martin L. King files

    It is a fascinating book to be read and reread for pleasure and knowledge by the layman and the scholar. It deals with the orchestrated mythology of Louis Farrakhan attempting to tie in the Hyksos (Amorites) slavery of the Jewish people to a prediction of Black slavery in America. His violin burns flames of disharmony which has earned him the title of “Apostle of Hate”.

    The nativity tale of Obama’s alleged African father is exposed and the real Black Hawaiian dad named Frank Marshall Davis- with the papers (poems), to prove it. With the progress of Obama’s rise to office was seen as a miraculous event like man conquering the moon. Immediately white rage blossomed to respond to this potential progress and the stallion Black horse was put back in the stalls and into his little manger box. The Senate and House divided up this bi-racial president by gelding all of the spirit out of this Trojan-horse by the warfare of containment. Congress forever dealt from the bottom of the deck and played Obama out with some dirty pool. Obama was reluctant to do the same and left his dream of economic progress contained to within his own family and friends.

    The Black gang that killed Malcom X will be discussed along with other issues.

    Martin L. King’s, (an Apostle of Peace), college papers admitting the Egyptian religion etal had an influence on Christianity.

    Police abuse, the Drug trade, The New Jim Crow, The N word, white pretending to be black, The South Carolina massacre are just a few of the topics that will be talked about.

    Guaranteed to be a page turner, a coffee table read, and a gossip generator for a time. I’m holding back no punches, taking no prisoners and nobody is safe.

    Andre Austin is also the author of Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice