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    Today as I watched public television,I saw a few interesting documentaries. One was about polio in Africa and other so called third world countries. During the study it was found, that in Haiti the outbreak came from the vacination as when vaccinated you are given the virus, however in this case the virus mutated and other children who had not been vacinated were exposed to polio. I am not jumpimg saying it was planed but the study found that was not the only incedentalso in other parts of the globe this is how it bacame an outbreak, however the scientist or researchers said that if all the children had been vaccinated the polio would have not had anywhere to go? perhaps I don't know I am not a biologist or one that deals with disease except my own. However what was good about the program was I got to see many parts of Africa which really made me long for our home. Even though imporvished I think I could live in the villages etc. But I do know I have my work to do here first.

    the second program I saw was about a place in (forgive my spelling) Sumpter county Georgia the Americas which had a place called Koinania farms koinania is a greek word for fellowship this much I know from my many years of studying bible. Anyway this white preacher had the Idea that we could all live together without race being an issue, all i can say is they were in for a surprise they met opposition on top of opposition. Violence the whole gambit. But what I gleaned from this is. Many people including our own people try to say that race is not an issue. this is a big fallacy. each race has it's own uniqueness and we were created with that uniqueness and to try to deny that uniqueness is to do diservice to human kind. Of course some may not agree with me but that is fine. As an African by way of the middle passage I know that we are Unique in that civilization sarted and will end with us that is not to say there is no place for any other race that is just to say we are and will be who we are destined to be by the creator. I guess my point is to say that race does not matter is to shortchange races cultures of their uniquness that was created by Oludamare God