Black People : Polygamy! Is a form of it a cure for some of our family ills?

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    Now before some of you all start talking without thinking. I am NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SEX ANGLE! If as many claim there is such a shortage of African men (I have my own opinion on that), then maybe we should consider it as an option. If a man can afford it. Can be good to his wives, then why not? Let me get a little deeper. Should not a man try to look after a sister who has nobody, particularly if she has children that have no manly presence? Now, if the answer is no then lets examine if that know is driven by either insecurities or selfishness. lets go a little deeper yet, what if I said that there was not sex involved? Would that make it more acceptible? Well, for the record I have a few 'extended families. Kids/young people that call me "dad". Are these childrens lives better by having a good father in their lives? (no sex involved with the moms). If we are in dire straights like many claim in so far as the African man is concerend and there are a lot of children being raised by women without the help of a man, then maybe we should consider an alternative. What say you?