Black People : Polyamory/swinging

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    How do you feel about either?

    Polyamory - multiple romantic relationships (this could be one primary relationship with one or more secondary relationship or it could be 2 or more equal relationships with no distinctions)

    Swinging - Only one romantic relationship but casual sex with people outside of that romantic relationship.

    Personally, I believe in polyamory (with one primary relationship). Monogamy is not only unnatural but restrictive and inhibiting as well. Jealousy is a negative emotion, it is not proof that you love or value someone and we shouldn't accept it as inevitable. If you can have more then one friend, you should be able to have more then one romantic partner. I could expand but that's the only arguement I'll give, I'm not interested in a debate because it would take too much energy and I probably wouldn't change anyone's mind.