Black Poetry : Politics

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    A summer filled with parties
    From the hummer spilled many bodies
    Invited guests really excited over the mini-dress
    Plenty breast shown sip Henny while they roam bless
    Cocktail party the block hail oh lotty dotty no stress
    With red lipstick kisses Release the density
    Instead rip sick tongue increase the intensity
    Static from my dog on a dramatic monologue
    Had it with the whack fog and the democratic smog
    Mixture of politics and smoke picture of a sick joke
    A political campaign with critical pain git your dick choke
    An Intern ***** get burned before she learn the rope
    Bill was very ill with a skill definition on this
    Thrill of friction by rubbing coo-chee hairs and kiss
    While he sips a coke, he licked his lip in hope
    The public gripped their seat as he spoke
    Then he smoke some dope but didn’t inhale
    So many extra marital affairs hidden with an intern female
    Penetration must be made concentration laid the two in bed
    Oh ill Bill I love you is what she said
    The hairs around my intern coo-chee is so hot
    Girl let me lick your juicy spot
    Panties so silky and milky I can’t stop
    Bill you blow air inside my thing like a harmonica
    Love to hear you play sax my best friend name is veronica
    Moral of the story I hit cats with star reports
    Conduct research and corrupt much scar forts
    White diamond perfume attract females
    Attack fish scales and smack whales