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    What are some hot issues going on down in the Village (inner Cities).

    (1). Opposition of Affirmative-Action, (AA), with exception and exemption for white females the primary beneficiaries of AA.

    (2). In America if your ancestors, parents were rich your highly likely to be rich. Hereditary passing of wealth for the super rich is planned by the GOP with the estate tax plan and other measures at work.

    (3). We are inches away from debtor’s prisons in this land with new Bankruptcy laws that make poor people pay back accumulated debts no matter what their condition may be.

    (4). The final solution for Black males in America is the concentration of prison farms created by design to destabalize the black community.

    (5). Rappers, Actors & Pimps have overshadowed and eclipsed Teachers, Doctors and Lawyers, etal as the premier role modes for Black Children.

    (6). Supreme Court equated free speech with money for Corporations= ordinary poor voices are drowned out therefore giving an illusionary perception of democracy and in reality an aristocracy and fascism.

    (7). NAACP playing a suppliant, auxiliary role for white Democrats to be elected to high office then the black community suffers as a whole with no reciprocal rewards for their votes. Cotton (votes) comes to the White House and we are paid back with Chitlins (Food stamps). Black people are almost 100% committed to the white Democrats but they have no commitment or covenant with us. We need to play politics and stop being subordinate to only one option.

    (8). Some Civil Rights groups individual branches have been bribed off by local white businesses not to make too much noise and airing out their dirty laundry. Some of these branches are more meaner to their constituents than to those who are causing the problems. They have submitted and accepted Caucasian sovereignty and neo-colonial rule over their organizations.

    (9). Parents are failing to see the link between literacy and leg irons. If they knew the correlation between lack of reading skills having a marriage compact with incarceration rates there would be an invasion of the public libraries instead of the store FootLockers.

    (10). We have been told to get ourselves together spiritually, educationally, politically and economically. The last but not least we suffer the most and without finance everything else crumbles. Politics without economics is symbolisms without substance. This would be the epic battle between W.E.B. & Booker T in which their ideologies should be brought together in harmony. We need both educational and vocational and business pursuits and not bribes compromising the struggle.

    (11). White males (WM)on the Job scene refuse to be friends with people of color. They always want to be in position of power, control and Big Bossin. This creates tension along with the fact they are possessive of females they dislike the Blackman from fraternizing with only on the job where they exercise control. W M admires athletes, clowns, dancers and actors among us but really don’t care for professional workers who might wield any power even if its smaller than a mustard seed. WM have a pathological problem when they have the desire to only want to see and hear Blackmen with a shining bit smile and only saying Yes to them all of the time.

    (12). God created us different in order to test us to see how we will treat each other. This is all a test trial life. Politics will only get us so far. Look at the South Africans. They have political power but the white folks are still running the economic engine and living off the diamonds and gold of their Black Land. Like I said before, Politics/symbolism Economics/Substance.

    (12). Conclusion
    So what are we to do? Where do we go from here? We got to start buying our own toilet paper and pampers; in other words we have to grow up and mature. We can’t expect others to do for us what we can do for ourselves. Nobody is stopping us from going to the library anymore. There are no laws banning us from learning how to read and write. But we unconscious carrying on these chains and images of prior servitude.