Black People : Political Dodgeball

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Radical Faith, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Hey did you guys see the final debate? I've never seen so much spin doctoring and question dodging in my life. Don King might as well run for President. The thing that really gets me about Politicians is they will spend millions on slander ads but can't come out say what it is they truly believe in. They know they can't make everyone happy so why not be truthful. "Hey mister and misses mill worker we're given the corporations permission to ship your job to Mexico so they can pay someone a tenth of what they would pay you to do the same job. Plus corporations don't have to maintain health and dental insurance or maintain OSHA standards either. This will cut down on inflation but you may never work again, especially if you've given your whole life to the mill and have no other skills. But hey we will pay for vocational retraining so you can become a prison guards and if your lucky , not too old and keep your nose clean we can train you to be an actual police officer. With so many people out work we will need more law enforcement." That's just an example of the truth they don't tell neither man. After this election we will have 4 years to find and support a leader with our interests in mind. 4 years. Let's not waste our time again.


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    so true , it was like a head and tail game and nobody scored a point !
    so now many minds wondering who can give something so as before
    BUSH push his religion button to gain hope and set the trap but the
    next four years we have to face with one of these guys what i do know
    is if BUSH crawl back in we dead this country will be so jacked up not even
    H. Clinton can fix it and that would have been a smart one to run and finish
    off where Bill left off at will be a dog fight stay tune .