The Police : Police Shooting Over The Price of Tea?

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    This has to be a fictitious story, right???

    Granted this is in Egypt, but how po po just gonna blast a merchant because they don't care for the cost?

    Egyptian police officer arrested for killing man over price of a cup of tea

    The case of an Egyptian policeman who allegedly killed a man during a dispute over the price of a cup of tea has cast a new spotlight on police brutality in Egypt.

    The policeman is said to have shot the tea seller to death and wounded two other men with an assault rifle after refusing to pay for tea in the Caio suburb of Rehab.

    The officer, identified as Al-Sayyed Zeinhem Abdel Razzaq, was detained by an angry crowd that gathered at the scene and he was later arrested.

    Several hundred protesters then turned out on the streets and overturned a police car while chanting: "the police are thugs".