Black People : Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead 68 Year Old Black Veteran

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    Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead 68 Year Old Black Veteran
    Kenneth Chamberlain is looking for answer as to why his father was shot by police, who yelled racial slurs before breaking down his door and opening fire.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: As the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continues to draw national attention, today we look at another controversial shooting of an African-American male that has received far less scrutiny. On the morning of November 19th, a 68-year-old former marine named Kenneth Chamberlain with a heart condition accidentally pressed the button on his medical alert system while sleeping. Responding to the alert, police officers from the city of White Plains, New York, arrived at Chamberlain’s apartment in a public housing complex shortly after 5 a.m. By the time the police left the apartment, Kenneth Chamberlain was dead, shot twice in the chest by a police officer inside his home. Police gained entry to Chamberlain’s apartment only after they took his front door off its hinges. Officers first shot him with a taser, then a beanbag shotgun, and then with live ammunition.

    AMY GOODMAN: Police have insisted the use of force was warranted. They said Kenneth Chamberlain was emotionally disturbed and had pulled a knife on the officers. This is David Chong, public safety commissioner in White Plains.

    DAVID CHONG: The officers first used an electronic taser, which was discharged, hit the victim, and had no effect. While the officers were retreating, the officers then used a shotgun, a beanbag shotgun.

    AMY GOODMAN: Relatives of Kenneth Chamberlain have questioned the police portrayal of events that led to his death, and they say audio and video recorded at the scene back up their case. According to the family, Kenneth Chamberlain can be heard on an audio recording of his call to the medical alert system operator saying, quote, "Please leave me alone. I’m 68 with a heart condition. Why are you doing this to me? Can you please leave me alone?" Officers allegedly responded by calling Chamberlain a racial slur while urging him to open the door. The audio recording of the incident has not been made public and remains in the possession of the Westchester District Attorney’s office.

    In early December, Kenneth Chamberlain, a retired marine, was buried with military honors. The family posted video of part of the ceremony.

    Several months after his death, the name of the officer who killed Kenneth Chamberlain has yet to be released. The DA has vowed to convene a grand jury to determine if any of the officers should face charges.

    We invited the White Plains Police Department and the Westchester DA’s office on to the program, but they declined to join us or issue a comment. But we are joined by Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., the son of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., the victim, and by two of the family’s attorneys. Mayo Bartlett is the former chief of the Bias Crimes Unit of the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and the former chair of the Westchester County Human Rights Commission. Randolph McLaughlin is a longtime civil rights attorney. He teaches at Pace Law School.

    We welcome you all to Democracy Now! Our condolences to your family, Kenneth Chamberlain, on the death of your father.


    AMY GOODMAN: Tell us what you understand happened early in the morning of November 19th.

    KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN, JR.: Well, it’s my understanding that, from what I’ve gathered right now, that my father accidentally pushed his medical pendant around his neck. He could have possibly turned over on it. We don’t know. We can only speculate about that.

    AMY GOODMAN: Why did he wear it?

    KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN, JR.: He has a heart condition, and he also suffered from COPD. And when he—the pendant was triggered—

    Full story:

    Racially-Motivated Killing the Media Missed? NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead 68 Year Old Black Veteran

    Kenneth Chamberlain is looking for answer as to why his father was shot by police, who yelled racial slurs before breaking down his door and opening fire. JUAN GONZALEZ: As the shooting death of Trayvon Martin continues to draw national...
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    I don't like this interview it just makes me mad..

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    I am sure that you have noticed the few responses that you have gathered from this most important post. This is one of the few post that deal with the possible life and death of all Black People in north america and possibly world over. Because we "love" them who persecute us,and reguard our lives as unimportant or not worth protecting. An animal or wild beast has no care for others who are not of their tribe or animal pack. As Black People we have been taught and trained to respect all so called people. The same is not true with the others. They are taught to look out for their own kind and disregard others especially US. They see us as competitors in their way for what ever they want to control or dominate. We therefor must be eleminated or kept in subserviance. They see us many times acting like fools and clowns plus harming each other for no logical reasons and figure that they can do the same with impunity because we don't mind, and besides we will cry and moan for a short time and forget until the next time that they abuse us. You see we have been well trained to look up in the sky for 'The Invisible Man' to protect us by,and by. When will we start to understand that "If we cannot learn to hang togather , and protect our own, we will be executed and hung seperatly...... by and by."