Police : Police Brutality: The Olde Slave Catchers Are The New Arm of White Supremacy


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Sep 27, 2005
Eye actually started this thread exactly one month b4 Michael Brown was assassinated. As eye change the name of this thread from "Global Police Brutality" it occurs to me that eye must fine tune my focus --this is not to say that there isn't a global issue b/c there is. Yet what is going on here in AmeriKKKa must be addressed as it unfolds --right here, and right now.

Eye had no idea b4 hand, of course, that Michael Brown would be taken down in such a heinous and horrible manner about something so petty as stealing cigars --if that is actually what really happened.

Eye am not a fortune teller nor am eye trying to be one, yet eye know what eye know. Eye do know that there is a problem with the police in this corporation we call AmeriKKKa where we were never and still aren't reall citizens. The manner in which our young men are being killed in AmeriKKKa on a daily basis firmly attests to the fact that AmeriKKKa has turned into a militarized police state --as was blatantly ramed down my throat of compulsory reading in a book entitled "1984" by George Orwell.:confused:

Eye sincerely hope that you will enjoy the preceeding threads as they develop into a telling ---as well as ---all too well-known story of "Police Brutality In AmeriKKKa that is a control device instituted to keep people of colour in their place by fear.


PS I suggest you read "Police Brutality" by Jill Nelson, published in 2000. She is truly a beast with the pen as she methodically explains this brutal paradigm in its detailed entirety. Happy reading!:rolleyes:

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Apr 7, 2013
Wow. Glad I was born and raised in America, otherwise (after watching the OP video), I'd think police brutality was an AMERICAN problem, i.e., the police play "cops and AMERICANS," not "cops and N***as!" Yep, I'd conclude that black folk need to quit whining. We aren't being racially profiled or targeted for brutality! We need to join forces with whites (targeted on account of them being not poor, not homeless, but because they're white) and stop dem cops! :rolleyes:

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