The Police : Police Brutality In AmeriKKKa


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Sep 27, 2005
Sorry, Dreya. Although you presented a very nice write up, eye've had pause to change my thread specifically to AmeriKKKan soil.

Thx for responding, though!

i do beleieve police brutality is a global issue - but within that overall picture - especially within the so called western world - i think we have a major major problem here in the US - think of all the shootins and other acts of brutality from our own police on us that we hear about on a daily basis and compare them to these stats released from germany.... total bullets fires by german police in one year = 85 - total that were aimed at people rather than warnin shots = 36 - people injured by those bullets = 15 - people killed by those bullets = 6. or take the united kingdom - they are seriously debatin there if the police have become too trigger happy cuz in 4 years up to 2012 the police shot at people 18 times killing 9..... now im fully aware thats just two countrys picked out of the blue - but the impression i get is that police here have become conditioned to the use of brutal force - its the norm here it seems to draw a weapon if someone resists arrest - resisting arrest can be as simple as walking away - was it always this way here or is this some turnaround in recent decades??? in some other places they seem to only draw a weapon when they think there life is in danger - a lot of the police in france the uk and other places dont even carry guns - is it just me or do we have a serious problem here????

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