The Police : Police Brutality In AmeriKKKa


Happy Winter Solstice
Sep 27, 2005
Tick tick tick, LOL --eye was waiting.

1. Keep all religious idealogies off the table -- too emotional and they don't work in a critical thinking arena
2. Al Sharpton, Messy Jessy and Fakakhann need to be dropped --their babble adds no forward action

Your reply is much appreciated and well worth the wait...!

Agreed - he has done a great job in identifying the issues but to the questions when, where and how ... I truly wish I had an answer for that because even in the so-called Afrocentric, Metaphysical or even conscious communities there is a lot of turmoil with ideologies yet they have yet to come together and find a viable solution.

The solution in my opinion is to simply release all religious ideologies from the conversation and literally ACT and stop being re-ACTIVE. Yet some of our so-called leaders only know religious philosophy so to them instituting religious fundamentals is a must and because of this point of view; insane nitwits make it hard for us to accomplish the goal of UNITY first which creates solutions. If there is to be a solution had then it must come from people outside of those who are calling themselves (self-proclaimed) our leaders.

I watched that gathering for the Michael Brown issue and I was depressed after watching it on MSNBC. Sharpton and all the religious Christian fanatics made it a church show.... with a lot of theatrics but no real philosophy or solution. I'm tired of all these praying Negro's and no solution. Our people are good at praying and nothing ever comes from it. We've been praying since slavery and nothing has come from it so - keep religion out of the conversation and unity and then we can find a solution; everything else is foolishness! My people!!! Wow they piss me off sometimes - I'm NOT against people's religions BUT when it comes to the well-being of our people shut it down. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with anything but emotional satisfactions and a good time on Sunday mornings. Religion is like sex: its good when its happening but when its over - don't touch me its HOT!!! Well religion our situation is hot so back up let us shower off the religious funk and get up and go to work our kids are going hungry and hurting while your sitting in the bed sucking our lives dry.

P.S. - I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!!


Happy Winter Solstice
Sep 27, 2005

Dr. Welsing calls the sick trend of massacring our young men a "cycle of insanity":

  • First a Black man is killed by Police or other YT Supremist
  • Then Black People go into protest mode
  • Next puppet spokespersons appear at the scene of the crime
  • Blacks then sing, pray and shout
  • The victim is buried and laid to rest
  • Next, Blacks wait for the courts to render justice
  • Then there is a brief interval
  • And then the cycle begins again
...and we still haven't come to grips with the reality that this animal is our enemy (in this case a YT man dressed in police uniform) nor recognize that this enemy will strike Black men (eg. especially young black men) "FIRST" because OUR young black men carry the genetic code to annihate YT. The Black female poses no immediate threat simply because she has not the anatomical prowess to empose her dominant gene upon YT, but the Black male species has that ability.
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