Black Poetry : Polarized: The Beauty and The Unpleasant

Da Street So'ja said:
On my fall to earth
Thru the portal I go
Blessed and cursed
Given the gift of birth
Grand finale with a ride
In a hearse
They say it can only get better
But it can still get worse
But first

I must live in the present
Trying to find myself thru this
Distorted message
Seeing things now
In a polarized state
The beauty and the unpleasant
Joy and pain at the same exact time
Makes the heart battle tested

You can be sucked in if you want to
By all the lies
You can stay artificial and commercialized
You can stay with the blinders sucking poison
They say cream always rising to the top
You’ll see once your soul is compromised

Living and dying all at the same exact time
Don’t you get it there’s nothing here
that will free your mind
Status quo will keep us chained
At each other throat while living on the grind
And the continual onslaught to kill off
The spirit of



Was feeling you when you said, "I must live in the present" Hope is hard to kill, the spirit immortal and eternal.
Let no one kill your spirit, Let no one.
Feeling ya mad luv on this piece, you goin make it thru. SPEAK LIFE!

Thank you,
Desert Storm
thank you poets

thank you nevar, um you've been bringing heat lately too

so true watz so true and it's even harder when trying to balance extreme poles

thank you for your comment one nine

thank you bluewater - this is how i see and feel it change is change i'm (we) this

is all part of the same equation thank you again sista

thank you HOPE that's all i can say lol hahahahahaha you know i had to mess

with you lol

thank you DS and same to you don't let anyone break you beautiful spirit

so glad you hung in there with me

peace poets


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