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    "To heal a situation it must first be exposed Once exposed it must be healed."

    This is the purpose of this document.

    A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) A SYNDROME a "collection of symptoms" -
    What about if someone discovers that he or she has been infected with the so called "HIV" virus?

    The information the infected person will receive from the medical doctor, nurse, or other appointed health department officials will be that the HIV virus is the sole cause of Aids.
    And that over the years the final result will be the breaking down of his or her immunity system.
    [​IMG]The recommendation the person will receive is to start taking the AZT drug or a similar cocktail in order to prolong life and postpone death. A frightening and bleak prospect for the person in question. In the coming years many more people worldwide will pay a visit to their health departments or officials, as personal testing kits to discover if someone has been or has not been infected with HIV will become more and more available.

    It may be better therefore to become your own Sherlok Holmes, developing your skills as a private detective to unravel the truth.
    You won't usually get the following information from doctors or health officials: [​IMG]
    1) Doctors Kill More People Than Guns and Traffic Accidents Combined. Ooooops!
    2) Doctors and official health officials have not been trained in the Medical Schools to look for the causes but to treat symptoms. Neither have they been educated how to maintain, improve or recover the human immune system, other than by the treatment with drugs or by the means of surgery.

    3) They are blindly following the guidelines of their Governmental Health Department which in its turn is financing, following and supporting the guidelines of the World Health Organisation which is maintained by the money collected from its citizens. (your tax money?)
    4) There is not one single scientific document proving that HIV is the cause of AIDS, it is a HYPOTHESIS.
    [​IMG]5) It was reported in 1996, that there are 65 known "false positive triggers" for HIV tests -- so how is it possible to know that people are infected and live with "HIV", taking into consideration the false and dubious test results?
    (The false positive triggering conditions are included on this page.)

    6) The recommendation of the drug AZT or the cocktails not only kills the virus but also the healthy cells. In other words, the treatment is to eliminate the virus while at the same time endangering the life of the patient and adding the case to the statistics published by the World Health Organisation. One could wonder if it would be more appropriate to call the World Health Organisation the World Pharmaceutical Organisation.

    7) The world-wide brainwashing propaganda that AIDS is being caused by a virus, is financed by the AIDS establishment. The brilliant idea behind it is to first create a problem using fear and afterwards offering the solutions. The deadly HIV virus being the problem and the poisonous drugs, AZT, and the cocktails the solutions.
    8) All other scientists, researchers, publishers, individuals are constantly being censored and ridiculed in order to avoid that people become aware of this assault on humanity.
    9) The World Health Organisation, according an article published in 1983, has been influenced and taken over by pharmaceutical interests, playing the money game. This same World Health Organisation is also behind the push for the global vaccination programs and the fluoride propaganda machine poisoning children, adults and the environment.

    [​IMG]10) Who knows but.... with the insistence of treating AIDS with toxic drugs, the censorship to avoid other points of views, it looks as if the AIDS Establishment is following the Global 2000 depopulation program, a global goal to eliminate at least 50% of the world population.
    Therefore we suggest you to become your own Sherlock Ho
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