Black Poetry : Pointing the Finger...

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    I’ve made mistakes
    …… And I still do
    But I don’t make the same mistakes
    I made with you
    I’ve traveled this country
    And I’ve seen real beauty
    But none holds a candle when you’re with me
    And it’s when those times you’re away
    Where I find peace only when I pray
    This love I have for you words can’t give it justice
    See I just want just us
    Free of bickering and not time to fuss
    My heart beats harder just of thought of you
    I rather not love another if it’s not you
    With you I found my smile and my groove
    I’m done running, here is stand with something to prove
    I reflect back on the good times even the bad
    I regret the times I hurt you and made you sad
    And at myself I still feel mad
    Mad cause I know better
    So please accept my apology in the form of this letter
    And even if you chose to go in another direction
    I wish you success and you find that perfection
    Even though it would leave me sadly
    I only want to see you happy.