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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
Flowin’ quite smoothly with rapture and ecstasy delight
Loving you from inside essences is synonymous with your
warmth and the way I’ve become the author of your anima

As I am the ink of my pen and you are the paper on which
I scribe, I contrive my poignant passages with you in mind

Passion levitates on my tongue like a feather caught in a
slow descent to earth as it savors your lovely scent
An aroma so revealing that it saturates my serene surroundings

At any given moment, I scribe the love verses made just for us
Hear the sigh of sweet somethings that always stirs my desire and
concentrates my need to give thanks to all that I love—writing about you

Pleasurable preambles nestle securely in my heart and inner self
With complimented balance of internal merit and external accord,
I create for you—these poignant passages will surely reanimate my soul

Feeling love in all its’ pomp and circumstance beseeches me to flow for you
I burn, I cry, I release, I exist, only to perfect worthy passages that personify me
My hungry "you" necessity is simplified as I absorb your mental chemistry; joyfully

Remembering the quiet days of an ephemeral memory, I gaze; helplessly mesmerized
Smiling silently to myself in the wisdom that quieter days are now forever everlasting
My heart is like expressions in an open book—filled with the passages that have your name
written on every page; someday the world will come to know just how deeply I love

A reassuring touch about my poetic person designed to conquer fears of the unknown
Blowing winds brush over me ever so softly and exhales amidst my spirit now so alive

Nourished by the love of the stroke of my pen, I dedicate my poignant passages to the
one I love—I am completed by these words that unite you and I together majestically
Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

:wave: :wave: :wave:

GQ ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ !

Thank you for letting your pen flow here
So glad to have you join us
bringing this soulful flow with you !!!

Please know you're amongst family & friends!



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